Whole Home Remodel and Landscape Design

Sunset Cliffs

San Diego, CA

Stunning sunset on a pacific cliffside

The Sunset Cliffs residence is a stunning example of modern design and architecture at its best. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, the owners can fully take in the panoramic beauty of the ocean view, creating an almost seamless connection between the interior and the great outdoors.

The architecture of the house itself is a tribute to contemporary aesthetics, favoring clean lines, open spaces, and a minimalist approach that allows the spectacular view to take center stage.

Further enhancing the allure of this property is the meticulously designed outdoor gathering space, providing a perfect setting for al fresco dining, socialization, or simply soaking up the sun amidst the breathtaking oceanic backdrop. This home truly epitomizes the harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and nature.

Project Features

Eco Minded Solutions provides innovative solutions for all remodeling and landscaping needs.
Here are some of the special features that we included in this project.
Ocean View Living

Eco Minded Solutions has been serving San Diego County for over a decade. With floor-to-ceiling windows and great lookouts, we know how to take advantage of an ocean view.

Indoor-Outdoor Harmony

Eco Minded Solutions Remodeling and Landscape Design ensures a flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing our clients' home and garden to seamlessly intertwine.

Modern Design and Architecture

This home boasts an ultra-modern design that is displayed throughout the property. Whether it's the patio area or the kitchen, modern theming and features are this space's bread and butter.

Interior Design

Our designers are first-class. We work with our clients to create a unique and personal interior spaces.

Services Provided
  • Whole Home Remodel
  • Landscape Design

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Front of home with street in front and sunset behind.
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