What Is the Average Master Bedroom Size?

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The master bedroom is your sanctuary, and you should have it designed so that it never compromises your comfort. To accomplish that goal, you must know the appropriate master bedroom size.

If you have not given much thought to that aspect of your new bedroom, it is time to change that. The last thing you want is to wrap up work on your dream home only to find out later that the main bedroom is smaller than what it should be.

In this article, we discuss what the average master bedroom size is. We also determine the factors that can affect the size of your bedroom, along with numerous other related topics. Stay tuned if you wish to learn more about the concept of the master bedroom.

The Average Master Bedroom Size

Pinning down the right size for your new master bedroom is important mainly because it must be proportional to the rest of your home. You do not want a master bedroom that takes up a big chunk of your second floor because the balance of that story will be off.

Then again, going too small would risk turning your master into another standard bedroom. There is nothing wrong with standard bedrooms per se, but you probably want something a bit more special for yourself. The size you want to aim for is 225 square feet. You have 15 feet on each side of your room if you adhere to that standard measurement.

A master bedroom that provides 225 square feet of space will comfortably accommodate you, your spouse, and several other features you want to place in there. Your kids may even hang out in there from time to time, and it still will not feel cramped. Speak to your contractor if you would like your master bedroom around that average size.

What Are the Factors That Affect Master Bedroom Size?

Although 225 square feet is a good size to aim for regarding your master bedroom, it may not be suitable for your situation. In this section, we will highlight the factors that will likely influence the size of your master bedroom. Keep them in mind as you decide how big you want that part of your home to be.

The Size of Your Home

First off, you should consider the size of your home when determining the size of your master bedroom. Since we are trying to strike the right balance here, this is something you must pay close attention to.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the median size of a single-family housing unit in the country is 2,261 square feet. If we are talking about the median size of recently sold single-family houses, then that number jumps up slightly to 2,333 square feet.

You can use those numbers to decide how big your bedroom should be. If your home is a bit smaller than the median single-family house, then you should consider going under 225 square feet for your bedroom. Building a bigger room makes sense if your home is larger than the median size.

Consider adding about 100 square feet for every 1,000 square feet of added space to the total size of your home. That should help you keep things proportional even as the construction scales up. Those are not strict rules you need to follow, but they are useful guidelines, nonetheless. It is easier to build a proportional home if you keep those numbers in mind.

Your Preferences

This is your bedroom. Ultimately, you have the final say over how it will turn out. Do you want the master bedroom to be a certain size, even if it will occupy too much of your second floor? That is your call.

Would you prefer a smaller room and free up space for future renovations? You can do that as well. Neither option is objectively worse. Although a larger bedroom does provide more space, a smaller one can help you feel cozier.

Bigger master bedrooms are more versatile, but their smaller counterparts require less cooling and heating. You can also deviate from the average bedroom size to pursue a specific design. Feel free to go with whichever design you like most for your home.

Your Desired Utility for Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should be your daily getaway. It should grant you respite from your tiring everyday routine. Of course, the master bedroom does not need to be dedicated solely to rest. Since master bedrooms typically provide a lot of free space, you can have different ways to capitalize on that.

For instance, you can install an entertainment system inside your room. Set up a stand for your widescreen TV and flank it with speakers to create that home theater feel. If the available space allows for it, you can even put a couch in there for your kids to use while watching movies.

Master bedrooms can also double as storage areas for your valuables. Install a large closet in there with several compartments so you can keep your valuables nice and organized. There are numerous other ways for you to utilize the available space in your master bedroom. You can build a large master bedroom and transform it into a versatile part of your home.

Cost Considerations

Last but not least, you must factor in cost when deciding how big your bedroom should be. Talk to the contractor and ask how much it will cost to build a bedroom that provides 225 square feet of space.

If you are planning to add extra features, now is the time to discuss that as well. As much as possible, you should figure out how big you want your master bedroom to be right now. Try to get it right the first time so you can avoid the expenses associated with renovation.

What Should You Place inside Your Master Bedroom?

Hopefully, you now have an idea of how big you want your master bedroom to be. Once you have nailed that down, you can start thinking about what to place inside your bedroom. We have some suggestions in mind for that, and you can check them out below.

Your Preferred Bed

Start by identifying the type of bed you want to feature inside your master bedroom. The great thing about having so much space to play with is that you can choose any style of bed and any type of mattress. Focusing first on the type of bed, you can go with some classic choices such as a country or panel bed.

Do you want something with a little more flair? In that case, canopy, French, and four-poster beds could be more up your alley. You can also go with a super-sized industrial-style bed if you wish to feature a more distinctive style. When it comes to the mattress, you can go as big as you want to.

A king-size mattress should fit easily inside your spacious master bedroom. According to Casper Sleep, a king-size mattress is the widest type of mattress available. It is a good buy if you are planning to regularly share your bed with your kids.

California king mattresses are for tall individuals. Those mattresses typically measure up to 84 inches long, so they can accommodate tall sleepers easily. Continue looking through the available bed and mattress options available until you find the pairing that works for you.

Large Closet

Next, consider adding a large closet to your master bedroom. A closet is one of the most useful features you can add to that part of your home. Like we said earlier, you can use that closet to keep your belongings organized. Instead of purchasing a separate storage unit, you can use your oversized closet for storage and organization purposes.

Your large closet can also be useful if you wish to display some of your favorite clothes. Turn it into a walk-in closet with lighting so you can display some of your designer pieces. If you have other collectibles in mind, you can also keep them safely stored inside your large closet.

Light Fixtures and Lamps

Speaking of lighting, this is another element you should integrate into the décor of your master bedroom. You can introduce lighting in different ways. While it is being built, you can ask the contractor to add some of your preferred light fixtures. You can install some track or recessed lighting if you want to save space inside your master bedroom.

Pendant lights are more intriguing from a design standpoint. Set them at different heights to create a more interesting visual. Wall sconces are great for creating mood lighting. Dimmer switches are also useful for that purpose.

You can also introduce lighting into your bedroom using some lamps. Pick out some of your favorite lamps and set them on end tables to provide that mood you are looking for. Explore your available options with the lights because you can get creative with them.

A Master Bathroom

Running downstairs every morning to use the bathroom can be such a challenge if you have a comfortable bed. It would be nice to make that trip shorter so you could rest longer before starting your day.

Well, you can make that a reality by building a master bathroom next to your bedroom. You can keep the master bathroom by only having a toilet and a shower to stay on the small side. You will not eat into your master bedroom space to accommodate it.

Alternatively, you can also go all out with your master bathroom. Place a bathtub and vanity in there along with other essentials so it can become your main bathroom moving forward. Take a soothing bath in there before hopping into bed so you can feel fully rested.

How Do You Make a Regular Bedroom Feel Bigger?

Not everyone has enough space for an average-sized master bedroom. Your home’s dimensions may force you to scale back considerably. Does that mean that you must spend your nights in a bedroom that feels cramped and uncomfortable? That does not need to be the case.

Follow the tips detailed below so you can make your standard bedroom look and feel more spacious.

Carefully Arrange Your Furniture

Whenever space is an issue inside your home, you can always try moving things around to create more room. Reconsider where you place your bed. You can try moving it to one of the corners, so there is more room available in the middle of the room. If you have end tables or chairs, change their positions also. Moving them out of your bedroom completely also warrants consideration.

Stick to a Color Scheme

Following a color scheme can help make your bedroom feel more spacious. What you want to do here is to choose a specific color and then select pieces that feature that hue. Use the same color for your wallpaper, covers, and even your drapes.

By using only one color, you promote a design flow in your bedroom that makes it feel bigger than it is. To break up the monotony of your color scheme, try using different shades of the hue you chose. That should liven up the décor of your bedroom.

Light Up Your Bedroom

You can also use light fixtures to create a bedroom that feels bigger than it is. Arrange the light fixtures in such a way that they illuminate every inch of your bedroom. Lighting up your room reveals all the space you have available. It will feel significantly bigger because of that.

Build the master bedroom that suits you and your home perfectly. Reach out to us at Eco Minded Solutions, and we will build that part of your home according to your exact preferences.