Home Bar Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Posted on: March 16, 2020

Bar hopping in your twenties is fun, but as you age, you realize that it is more fun to drink in the comforts of your own home while wearing your favorite PJs. Of course, going out occasionally is still on your agenda, but it feels more chill to do your aperitifs at home. Drinking a glass of wine or a glass of frozen margarita while perched on your bar stool is relaxing. It is the best way to unwind after a long stressful day at work.

Apart from serving yourself, you need a great bar at home as a way to entertain your guests. Because you want your guests to have a great and memorable time, you want a bar setup that rivals the hippest place in town. This killer-looking bar goes beyond having a well-stocked liquor cabinet. Consider the following ideas below to help you wow your guests, so you can all have a tipsy, spin-dazzling time:

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Consider Adding a Mirror Backsplash

There’s something about mirrors that look sleek while adding a layer of sophistication. Install a mirror backsplash to make your space look more extensive and more prominent. This is great for areas that have limited space. Pair this up with amber lights, and you create an awesome glowing ambiance in your bar area.

The best part about this approach is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Mirrors come cheap per panel at your favorite hardware store. You can ask them to cut it down to size so you can install it yourself. This gives it an instant boost to your bar area.

Include Customized Spaces for Storage

Customized storage solutions bring a touch of class to any bar ensemble. Customization screams elegance and fine attention to detail. Having something personalized doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, if you have the skills, this is something that you can readily DIY.

For instance, you can carve out a little corner-nook with built-in shelving for wine bottles. Add a floating shelf, along with a hidden mini refrigerator. This simple home solution will fit well in both your dining and living room areas. If you must invest in the help of a pro, a simple project like this will not break the bank.

indoor home bar

Make it Look Like an Actual Bar

You know those swanky bars that you frequent when you go for a night around town? You can mimic the look of your favorite bars. Replicate your favorite design elements in these commercial areas and bring these features into your home.

Commercial bars are known for having rich textures and vibrant colors. You can also opt to include elaborate patterns that catch the eye. You will surely wow your visitors if you spruce up your bar like this. Your home will be everyone’s favorite place to have a nightcap. This professional-looking setup will make you ready to host a party at any given time. All you have left to do is say, “Cheers!”

Select a Strategic Position

If you have minimal space and you need to put your bar somewhere in your kitchen or dining area, you need to pick a good spot. Location is key if you are making a bar that shares another space in your home. You want something accessible to everyone.

When you are busy entertaining, it is customary to run back and forth to get supplies or replenish ice cubes. For this reason, you want your bar in a strategic spot so you and your guests can move around with ease. The last thing you want is a bar setup that impedes the flow of movement.

Jazz Up Your Butler’s Pantry

If you happen to have a pretty big butler’s pantry in your home, you may consider jazzing things up, so you can convert it to your bar area. Sometimes, it is only a matter of adding a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets or sprucing up the walls with affordable wallpaper. With only a few touch-ups, you can have a dazzling bar area that will not break the bank.

When you have this space readily available, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Repurposing your butler’s pantry is a smart move that will help you make use of your neglected space. This idea will work with a few simple changes. Improvisation is key! Just make sure that every piece of decor you add works harmoniously with your chosen theme.

Decorate Those Shelves

If your home bar is looking drab and lifeless, amp up your game by paying close attention to details. Sometimes, all you need to do is decorate your dull, empty shelves. Consider adding plants to draw the eyes. Green is a calming color, making it the perfect element to add to your bar scene. After all, having cocktails or drinking with your loved one is all about relaxation.

You can also add nice looking cocktail recipe books with kitschy looking bookends. This will be a great conversation starter. Your guests may also want to peruse your books to learn a trick or two about making their own badass drink versions. Aside from this, artwork and framed pictures of your family will also help in dressing up the bar in your home.

Make Your Own Home Club

Who says clubbing and drinking are only for the young ones? Even the young once-upon-a-time will have a rip-roaring good time in your own version of a home club. If you have the extra space, convert your room into a sleek club-like area with excellent mood lighting, impressive sound specs, and an endless supply of alcohol.

If you need design inspiration for your bar at home, close your eyes and think of your favorite clubs. Maybe you want to copy the funky animal print motif of a hotel bar. With this design approach, you need to pay close attention to your flooring, upholstery, decorative accents, and the like. With your glammed-up bar space, everyone will surely want an invite into your home. Clearly, the owners of the house know how to have a kickass time!

Improvise with a Bar Cabinet

Not all houses have space. If you live in a condominium or a smaller townhouse, fret not. You can still have the bar of your dreams by improvising with a classy-looking bar cabinet. You can load this small, stand-alone cabinet with all your bar essentials. It lives up to the saying that good things come in small packages. This is easy to do, and you can make it into your project. You can use an old cabinet that’s already in your possession and give it a fresh coat of paint to make it look lively again. You can also opt to buy a brand-new cabinet.

The key is to use one that blends in beautifully with the room you are going to place this in. The charm of this piece is when you have it closed; it looks like an ordinary piece of furniture. However, the moment the cabinet doors swing open, it screams party time! Your full-fledged-bar is within the cabinet because you customize the interior to fit your alcohol and other bar paraphernalia. This proves that any space can fit a bar. It is all about prioritizing and having your personality showcase within your cabinet’s design.

Be Intentional with Your Chosen Layout

The point of having a bar is to mingle with friends and family in your living space. You must be intentional about where you want to place this bar, so you can easily mingle with everyone. When you are taking care of your guests’ needs, you must make things manageable and easy to do by picking a spot that allows for easy socialization.

Make sure your chosen bar area is near your living room and dining area. Most of all, you must ensure that the pathways to your bar area are free from distractions. Take away all the clutter and organize your things. This way, everything will be accessible for you when someone asks for a top-up in their wine glass.

basement bar

Convert Your Basement

If you have an existing basement, you are in for a real treat. All those extra space gives you a lot of room to play with. You can readily transform your basement into a sophisticated bar zone. You will most likely need the help of a professional, so be prepared to invest a little bit of money. But if you have a finished basement, adding a few key furniture pieces will do the trick. Why force your entertaining accouterments into a cabinet or a single cart when you have the working space?

Transforming your basement into an intimate bar place gives you a perfect venue where you can host your gatherings. Think of adding bar stools, billiard tables, darts, or a ping pong table for maximum enjoyment. If your basement has a separate entrance, that makes your setup even better. This way, you can let people come into your home bar without having to pass through your main living area. This assures that your privacy remains protected.

Disguise Ordinary Appliances

When you have limited space, sometimes all it leaves you with is a tiny closet or a small cabinet. To beef up the look of your mini bar, there are several design approaches. You match this to your existing cabinets to make a classy monochromatic look. Creating a theme is a good idea as it unifies everything within your limited space. You can disguise your mini-bar fridge to blend with the background.

In contrast, you can also opt for a pop of color. Think complementary shades that stand apart from each other, while still managing to be cohesive because these contrasting colors somehow go well together. No matter what you choose, may it be a vibrant red or a calming pastel blue, the point is you want your small bar area to reflect your personality.

Deck Out a Traditional Bar Cart

Living in a cramped apartment doesn’t mean you can no longer have a bar to wow your guests. Invest in a bar cart that mirrors your tastes. If you like the modern vibe, you can pick a stainless-steel cart with sleek lines and gentle curves. Should you be an old soul, you can opt for a vintage-looking cart in wood with a warm varnish.

There is a broad range of cart styles to choose from, and something out there is bound to speak to your heart and tickle your fancy. The key to having a great bar cart is to arrange your drinks on top of the shelves with flair and style. Make sure everything is neat and organized, not only for efficiency but for aesthetics. You can show off your humble collection of alcohol, and it won’t take up too much space while getting the job done of entertaining your guests.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Tray

If you don’t have a designated bar, that’s not a problem. You can still wow your guests with your simple wine and spirits collection by putting it on a classy tray. You can display this on any counter or any console table. En voila! You’ve got yourself a straightforward, chic, and functional bar.

To amplify that look of your bar tray, transfer your drinks into crystal decanters. Choose fun glass bottles in varying shapes and sizes. Some even come in different colors. These kitschy bottles will be a great conversation piece. Make sure you place matching goblets and glasses on your tray for easy drinking.

Final Word

Whether you use a small kitchen section or a full home basement as your bar area, this space must show your personality and style. You can do a DIY or contact a professional to help you get the look you want. Your home bar is your sacred space for unwinding, so you must pick the design implements that you love.

Whether you select rustic, vintage, shabby-chic, or modern, the goal is to come up with a space that will help you de-stress and declutter your thoughts. It should be your safe haven for grabbing a beer, a shot of whiskey, or a bottle of wine. With an elegant home bar, you can live your life to the fullest.

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