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Kensington is the place to be when you want to enjoy the best of both worlds. This charming, pet-friendly town possesses an urban-suburban mix feel. You will enjoy a thriving downtown district that offers a broad range of bars, cafes, shops, and parks.

If you are considering settling down in Kensington, call us at Eco Minded Solutions. Our team is considered the best custom home builders in San Diego. We have been serving this area for decades, and a long list of happy clients will vouch for our exemplary work.

Our team is proud of our superior craftsmanship and keen attention to details crucial for custom home building. We commit to providing stylish designs that have superior construction. Our highly trained crew is adept at handling design and build projects, along with remodeling.

Kensington Custom Home Builders

Experience stylish floor plans with high-quality finishes when you hire our team of home builders. Our Eco Minded Solutions crew work had in living up to our name by infusing eco-friendly design solutions both inside and outside your home. From using smart, energy-efficient appliances to working with landscape designers to install solar panels, we’ve got you covered.

Our company takes pride in environmental stewardship, so we strive hard to create a home with sustainable materials. We are also cautious about properly disposing of the inevitable waste produced in messy construction zones. When you work with our company, you can expect the following:

  • Integrated and Comprehensive Solution: Our team offers a true custom build because we will work with you from drawing the design plans up to the final finishing touches. We will take care of everything to ensure your wishes come alive.
  • Well-Curated Designs: We know that the cost of building your home in Kensington can burn a hole in your pocketbook. Thus, we offer different design plans and options that fit both your lifestyle and budget requirements. Our primary objective is to give you a beautiful home that does not leave you drowning in debt.
  • Modern and Trendy Look: Our crew has built thousands of homes from scratch. We have also remodeled many old houses. You can peruse our work to see that we create stylish, sleek, and functional properties that fit the modern lifestyle.

Whole Home Remodeling in Kensington

If you no longer feel at home in your old house, it is clearly time for some remodeling work. With the help of our Eco Minded Solutions team, you can infuse freshness in your old home in Kensington. Our help assures you can stay at your beloved address and enjoy the many happy memories you have built there.

In the meantime, you could also consider renovation if you want to sell your property. With a little investment infusion, you could have more profits upon closing the sale. Our team will craft green building strategies to spruce up your home property value like the examples below:

  • Work on Better Insulation: We can work on better insulation for your walls, roof, and even windows. This assures you can preserve the thermal energy in your home efficiently, thereby lowering your utility bills.
  • Revamp Old Appliances: Sadly, old things no longer work as efficiently, so they could be draining your money. With our help, we can procure sleek Energy Star appliances that match your new home design. In the long run, these appliances will save you so much money.
  • Utilize Sustainable Materials: We can use reclaimed wood to help preserve the environment. We can also install elements that help boost your home’s efficiency. Examples are low-water toilets, solar panels, and energy-saving windows.
  • Support and Buy Local: We prioritize buying local products because they are cheaper. After all, they are easier to transport, resulting in less pollution. If you are conscious about reducing your carbon footprint, this is the best approach for you.

Kitchen Remodeling in Kensington

If you no longer feel inspired to create delicious dishes in your old kitchen, it is high time to renovate. Remember, families tend to congregate in the kitchen, so you owe it to your loved ones to make it inviting and comfortable. Thankfully, our team at Eco Minded Solutions is committed to giving you the best kitchen.

We can re-design your old kitchen and improve the flow. Tell us your budget considerations, and we will make suggestions that suit your needs and budget. With our network of industry partners, we feel confident in providing what you like, such as the following:

  • New countertops
  • Fresh floor tiling
  • Modern appliances
  • Improve wall colors
  • Refurbish or replace cabinets
  • Install new windows

Bathroom Remodeling Kensington

After a long day, you need a place to relax. If you have a crappy-looking bathroom, taking a relaxing soak is impossible. With the help of our Eco Minded Solutions crew, we can revamp your entire bathroom and make it look like a Zen-like spa.

It is not mere vanity to want a lovely bathroom that is free from molds and rusty fixtures. It is a necessity because stress is the primary killer in this modern era. With our help, we can help you add the following features:

  • Modern-looking and water-saving commodes
  • Inviting bathtubs with jets for superior relaxations
  • Wired speakers for easy music listening
  • New ventilation to prevent mold growth
  • Energy-efficient hot water supply
  • New tiles, walls, cabinets, and more

Design and Build Company in Kensington

If you are ready for a custom build or a major remodel, our crew at Eco Minded Solutions is up for the job. We pay attention to all the intricate details of your project, from landscape architecture to interior design. Our holistic approach assures your house is beautiful inside out.

With our guidance and services, we can craft the best-looking home that maximizes lot terrain, optimizes airflow, and infuses green appliances. From the concept stage to the completion, we have your back. You can count on us to provide:

  • Honest prices guides
  • Exemplary services
  • Easy and swift communication
  • The best customer service
  • A friendly-ear heeding requests for changes
  • On-time delivery of services

Fill out this online contact form or call us for a free consultation. Our Eco Minded Solutions company will work to give you the best home that fits your lifestyle. Let’s get your home building process a start so you can move into Kensington ASAP.

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