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Can you tell something is off about your existing home, but you can’t quite pinpoint how to correct it? You need an experienced, knowledgeable interior designer to help you create a vision for a new custom home or renovation project.

That’s where Eco Minded Solutions comes in. We are a residential interior design firm in Point Loma with years of experience building and remodeling homes from start to finish. Work with our team of project managers, architects, builders, and interior designers. We’ll begin with the initial planning process, move on to the construction phase, and finish with selecting paint colors and window coverings. Our work is beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly.

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What Is Interior Design?

Contrary to popular belief, interior design is about much more than just picking out furniture and light fixtures. Interior designers are knowledgeable in construction drawings, blueprints, electrical and plumbing diagrams, building codes, and accessibility standards. Their job is to make your home not only beautiful but safe and functional as well.

Designers, architects, and builders all work side by side to optimize the size, flow, and layout of a building to meet the client’s needs. They design houses as a whole, but they also scrutinize features room by room to ensure the proper function and aesthetic while controlling costs. The client is highly involved during this process to ensure the architectural design, materials, finishes, and furnishings all suit their taste.

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer in Point Loma

Some contractors focus heavily on the architectural features while neglecting the finishing touches. At Eco Minded Solutions, we deliver the whole package so you’re not left to tackle the interior design elements yourself. Our clients find it extremely beneficial to have a designer by their side to help finalize the project. Here’s why:

  • You and your partner may not agree: When couples have different design tastes, arguments often arise, bringing the design process to a grinding halt. Our designers see this all the time and know how to reconcile conflicts so everyone can be happy with the finished product.
  • Interior designers have insider access: You may not know where to find a one-of-a-kind fixture, but your designer does. Unique accents like this are what make your home stand out from the cookie-cutter houses other companies produce.
  • Designers have a keen sense of value: Budgeting is a fundamental skill of interior designers, but they also know when to indulge in something special. This way, you get the biggest bang for your buck without settling for mass-produced items found in most other homes.
  • Experienced designers can ensure coherency throughout the space: Many homeowners struggle to pin down a single design style. This is understandable, what with so many furnishings, accents, and fixtures to choose from. It’s also common to bring home incompatible items because you like them all, even though they don’t match. Your designer can help you make the right choices to achieve optimal aesthetics and functionality.

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Eco Minded Solutions is proud to offer design/build new construction and renovation services for homeowners in Point Loma. Our seasoned team is up-to-date on modern construction techniques and furnishing trends to bring your vision for a new home to life. We’ll make sure the finished product looks spectacular, functions perfectly, and uses energy efficiently.

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