Landscape Construction in Escondido, CA

The gorgeous climate here in Escondido allows you to enjoy spending time outside all year round. Is your landscape suited to your needs? If not, professional landscape construction services from Eco Minded Solutions could be just what you need to create a beautiful outdoor living space.

We are committed to implementing eco-friendly landscape designs that maximize your usable space while minimizing operating costs and environmental impact. Do you dream of a fenced-in yard with a functional outdoor kitchen? Perhaps you picture building a spa retreat with fire pits and water features. Whatever you have in mind, we can make it a reality.

Begin your landscape transformation by contacting Eco Minded Solutions. We offer free landscape design consultations to help you see what we’re capable of before you commit to our services.

Landscape Construction in Escondido: Hardscapes

The firm, non-living elements of your landscape design are known as hardscapes. Examples of hardscapes include:

  • Fences to provide privacy and keep your pet contained
  • Retaining walls for sloped yards, which are common in Escondido
  • Fire and water features to create ambiance and a spa-like feel in your yard
  • Swimming pools for the ultimate in rest and relaxation
  • Wood decks and paved patios to create a gathering place for entertaining friends and neighbors
  • Natural stone and concrete pavers to enhance the look of paths, driveways, patios, outdoor kitchen, and pool areas
  • Gazebos, arbors, and pergolas to provide shade and a place for climbing plants to grow
  • BBQ islands and outdoor kitchens to increase your home’s entertainment value

Escondido Landscape Construction: Softscapes

The living aspects of your outdoor living space are called softscapes. Once the hardscape structures are in place, you’re free to plant whatever you want. Examples of softscapes include:

  • Lawns to provide a soft, open space for your kids and pets to play
  • Drought-tolerant trees, flowers, and shrubs that work with the dry climate of Escondido rather than competing with it
  • Ground cover to add greenery to large areas of your yard without planting grass
  • Container plants to liven up decks, patios, balconies, and other paved areas
  • Living walls made of succulents to provide a unique look with low water usage
  • Artificial turf to give the appearance of grass without the costs, water consumption, and upkeep of a real lawn
  • Xeriscaping for a beautiful yard full of native plants that require less water and maintenance than a traditional lawn

Commercial Landscape Construction in Escondido

Beautiful, eco-friendly landscaping isn’t reserved for residential properties. If you run a business in Escondido, you can incorporate the right outdoor design to increase curb appeal and create a lasting impression on your clients. Eco Minded Solutions offers commercial landscape construction for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and other businesses in Escondido. Examples of commercial landscaping include:

  • Picnic areas and other outdoor seating for guests and employees to enjoy
  • Attractive planters, shade trees, and sculpted walkways to create an inviting appearance
  • Fire and water features to enhance the customer experience
  • Gazebos and covered patios to facilitate comfortable seating areas

Landscape Construction Consultations in Escondido, CA

Our unique design/build approach to landscape construction keeps the process simple and affordable for you. We emphasize customer satisfaction and won’t call the job complete until we have exceeded your expectations. You might already have plans in mind for your property. Or maybe you need help figuring out what’s missing in your yard. Either way, we can answer your questions, create a stunning design, and carry out the construction process from start to finish.

To speak with a landscape architect in Escondido about your backyard transformation, please contact Eco Minded Solutions today.

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