Elegant Home Office Layouts to Consider

December 30, 2019
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Why Set-up a Home Office?

One of the pitfalls of having the privilege to work at home is that distractions abound. There’s the inviting bed that’s beckoning you to lay down. There’s the noise from the TV or your children who are busy playing. The kitchen even calls you to get a snack. However, by creating a beautiful home office, you get a professional working environment while never having to step foot outside your front door.

If you’re feeling uninspired because your kitchen counter feels too drab or you’re feeling lazy because your bed is too darn inviting, then that means it is high time to makeover your home and include a legitimate home office. Call in the professionals, like our team at Eco Minded Solutions so we can help you find the design that will best suit your needs.

To continue being productive, you need a wholesome and peaceful environment. Re-designing your home to include a home office means you have an official working space that will serve as your professional domain. This is necessary for the growth of your home-based business because you can’t keep on working form the dining table forever.

As a result of doing a home renovation to include an office, you get to be more productive, prolific, effective, and efficient. In case your clients need to do a video conference, they won’t see your children’s toys scattered around. In the same token, should anyone want to meet with you, you’ll have a neat and clean domain that you won’t feel embarrassed to show off.

Elements of Great Home Office Layouts

If you’re thinking of adding a home office, you’re doing so to maximize your company’s productivity and profitability. Thus, you need to consider several elements before you go on with your renovation or home re-design. Read on below to see what home office layouts and elements you need to take note of when you undertake this home office project:

Office Space

Your kitchen counter or your small dining table can no longer support the work that you do, and it feels cumbersome to always clean at the end of each day. Take note of the items that you use daily. Some of you may only have a laptop and paperwork, while others may have massive boxes for your packing materials. One thing is certain; your primary consideration when you’re renovating is office space.

Consider which vacant space of your house you can transform into your office space. The most ideal space is somewhere with the least amount of traffic and activity, so you will have the least distractions. Remember this; your chosen office space will determine what furniture you need to buy and what other decors you must add.

If you intend to meet clients in your home office, you will need office space that has its own private entrance. This way, your clients will not disrupt your regular living space. This is the best way to compartmentalize your home and work life.

Lighting Fixtures

Most of you have extra space in your basement, which is not a bad thing. Ideally, you’ll put your home office in a place with a lot of natural light. But since this is not always possible, if you end up in a space with less than ideal lighting, you need to make light fixtures a priority. Light has the power to give you clarity, help you avoid eyestrain, and elevate your spirits.

Comfy Work Chair

Never underestimate the power of a comfy work chair. Apart from eyestrain, you have to deal with back pain, especially if you’re crouched over your computer most of the time. You can scrimp on your other home office decor, but your chair isn’t one of them. Invest in a good quality chair to save yourself from a world of pain.

Awesome Worktable

Another important element to consider is your office table. You’ll need something that can accommodate all your daily tasks. If you look at big blueprints, then naturally, you will need a larger surface working area. Furthermore, you’ll want to have slots for drawers to keep you organized. Some people even prefer a standing working table, so they don’t sit all day.

Tips for Creating an Optimal Working Environment

Apart from thinking of these critical logistical elements, here are other tips that can help you in your quest of making the best home office layout. Read on below, so these can guide you in your remodeling project:

Set Up Stuff to Control Clutter

There’s a reason why there’s an adage that says, “cleanliness is next to godliness!” It is true because a messy environment can irritate you, stress you out, lower your productivity levels, and sap your energy.

You don’t need a desk that looks like Martha Stewart fixed it with obsessive-compulsive precision. However, it should have some form of organization, so you can find what you need with ease. Keep your pens in one holder, put your paper clips in the same box, and use a paper filer. Consider decreasing your clutter by taking away items you don’t need; that way, you can reduce the number of items messing up your table.

Arrange in Favor of Functionality

Sometimes, constantly searching for items can distract you and slow you down. If you often reach for certain items like your ruler, of course, you’ll want to have it within arm’s reach. You may want specific files, books, a planner, and your printer near you, so you don’t need to keep walking to where they are.

You must also consider all the plugs and wiring systems that you’ll need. If your work dictates you need to work with a lot of gadgets, then you’ll want more electrical sockets. You may need to add several extension wires to get this done. But make sure you don’t overload the circuit because the last thing you want is a fire.

Decorate for Inspiration and Motivation 

Being in an office doesn’t mean your space is boring. A drab home office space will make your environment heavy. Instead of being excited to work, the strict-looking space will pull you down. Thus, apart from functionality, it is critical to decorate your space with things that will inspire and motivate you to do more. Paint your office in your favorite calming color, add pictures, put in aromatherapy, and more.

Think and Choose Green

Many of you are concerned about the environment, so you prioritize finding somebody like our team at Eco Minded Solutions to help you with your home office set-up. Going green for your home office is not only being kind to Mother Earth, but it means saving on certain expenses and reducing your clutter.

For instance, reuse and recycle paper and other office products when possible. You can also rely on digital tools to make your office eco-friendly. Use power saving LED bulbs and weather strips. You can also insulate your home office windows to save on your electric bill.

Take Note of Your Working Budget

Decorating your home office is an awesome project. However, you don’t want to waste too much money on non-essential items. Consider if you have spare furniture that you can move to your home office, so you won’t have to buy them. The same goes for your tech needs, so hold off on buying a new PC or printer. Allot a working budget that won’t break your bank and stick to it.

Plan Where to Put Your Office Desk

This is a critical piece of your home office because this is the place where you do your magic. You need a desk that can accommodate all your needs. Sometimes, you may need a spare desk because you need multiple monitors. Above all this, you need to find the most ideal place where your worktable will go. Ideally, it would be next to a window.

Specific Examples of Great Office Layouts

There are many different ways to design your home office. Consider the following options below to help guide you when you make your office layout and then spruce it up with design details. Here are the top five popular layouts:

Corner Office Within a Great Room

This is an easy to design home office as it tucks away neatly into your home’s existing great room. This means that there’s access to large windows, electrical outlets, and phone jacks. This considerably reduces the electrical load in your room.

You can add bookshelves and cabinets to act as a demarcation line to separate your office space, so the rest of your room can be functional for other purposes. The only caveat of this design, your kids may distract you if they go into the room. Furthermore, if you have clients who will come over, they may end up intruding on your living space as they need to pass on through common areas.

A Home Office With a Great View

You may have a spare room with a great view. On top of that, great lighting is a part of this area because of the big windows that are exclusive to you. If you decide to position your desk by that window, you’ll want to include blinds or curtains to block out the sharp rays of the sun, if you want that option.

Though natural daylight is best for working, UV rays can be harmful when you are exposed excessively. Since this set-up is a separate space, you can create an added seating area for your visitors. This can be a great place to have your meetings, especially if you have a separate entrance for this like a lanai or sliding doors.

Sharing Your Bedroom Space

If you have a small home, you may not have any other choice but your bedroom. Though most advisers would say this is a big no because the bed is too much of temptation to be lazy, some of you don’t have a choice. To make this set-up work, consider adding a divider between your sleeping area and work area. The caveat is not conducive to doing any in-face meetings.

Dining Room Home Office

If you are lucky enough to have a formal dining room, then you can invade this space and re-purpose it to be a home office. Those of you that have a large dining area can choose to subdivide this into smaller parts, so you can have a quiet nook within the dining area.

You may need some dividers and smaller furniture to make this work. The key is to have a desk that matches the available space, so you can stay motivated without disrupting your family, especially during mealtimes.

Modifying Unusual Room Shapes to Accommodate Your Needs

Sometimes, the only existing space that you must work with is not a perfect square or a rectangular shape. It could be an L-shape or a T-shaped area. This can present some challenges, but it is nothing you cannot work around. You only need to be aware of where the electrical sockets and phone jacks are. You will need to adjust your furniture, such as buying a specialized desk, so this existing unusual space can accommodate you.

Expert Help for Home Office Layouts and Designs

As you can see, there are many different ways to make your home office space. The key is to know what you need, so you can make all the right adjustments that best fit your life. To make the best design, you’ll need the help of a professional like us at the Eco Minded Solutions, so you can come up with the most productive workspace that will increase your business’ profits. Call us today at Eco Minded Solutions for a free consultation, so we can start working on your home office to give you the much-needed inspiration you need.