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Attention To Every Detail

We take the time to plan out the little details of every leaf in your construction project.

We Know Time Is Money

Workflow efficiency is our key to creating the beautiful details within your budget.

Eco-Friendly Inspirations

Using environmentally friendly construction techniques we will find the perfect solution.

Basic & Advanced Designs

Using your vision & design plans we always emphasize an eco-friendly approach for projects.

Executing the construction from a luxury design requires an extreme level of detail to convert your vision into a seamless workflow. Hiring us as your general contractor in San Diego will be the next step in successfully converting your vision into a real-life representation of your design plans.

Do You Already Have Design Plans For Your Project?

We suggest you contact us early on in your construction project, if you are already working with an architect/landscape/designer/engineer to support critical decisions on build-ability and construction costs of your plans.

We’re able to do this more effectively than any standalone construction company because we apply our same Design/Build principals to your project. We provide ultimate project efficiency to our clients through our team’s collective knowledge of innovation, problem solving, budgeting and scheduling.

The Eco Minded Solutions General Contracting team has extensive experience working with clients who already have plans in progress. If you have drawings and you’re ready to build, we’re here to get the job done while delivering an exceptional project with a headache-free owner experience. We have the track record to prove it.

La Jolla Rancho Home Remodel - Before Eco Minded Solutions Remodel
La Jolla Rancho Home Remodel - AFTER Eco Minded Solutions Remodel

Customer Reviews of our General Contracting Services

Learn the experiences of San Diego customers who worked with us to complete home and landscaping remodel projects. About Eco Minded Solutions

The final product is amazing, finished on time and on budget. They absolutely stand behind their work and if you have a question or a concern they are incredibly responsive. I particularly value the “can do” attitude that Josh Rosenthal instills in his workers. They guided us throughout the process, and followed through with all of their obligations. Throughout the process, the staff/crew were professional and friendly.”

Lisa P.
San Diego Home Remodeling Client

We got tremendous value out of the design build model Eco Minded Solutions offers. All the designers Phil (architectural) Hope (interior) and Barry (landscape) are all very talented and seamlessly work together and with the construction project management teams Chris (Home Building) and Dave (Landscape) to make sure the entire vision would be executed precisely in the field and on time and budget.”

Lynda C.
San Diego Lanscape Renovation & Home Remodeling Client

Licensed, Experienced, & Reliable General Contractor Services

It is important to hire a reliable general contractor that knows how to effectively manage budgets / timelines, coordinate the acquisition of materials, and organize all sub-contractor assistance. Our high level of detail helps to create the beautiful completed projects throughout the greater San Diego area.

View these projects from our portfolio that show results from our experienced general contracting staff’s commitment to quality service.

Work with the Best General Contractors in San Diego

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How Does Our General Construction Process Work?

We have an eight step process to coordinate your project goals, objectives, and budgets. During our initial meeting we will listen carefully to your vision of the look and function of your space. This meeting will help us understand your short and long term goals, as well as your likes and dislikes.

Before pre-construction begins, there are 5 steps in our process for quality control to ensure that any unanswered questions are addressed. After we have defined the scope, designs, and made refinements we are ready to explore the possibilities.

To learn about next steps, please schedule appointment with a designer.

Why Do I Need A Reliable General Contractor?

Hiring a general contractor to build a house or landscape will maximize your budget and improve your abilities to meet the expected project timeline.

A general contractor is the overall manager of a project, charged with the coordination of labor, the procurement of needed materials, and all the activities required for the successful completion of a project.

The scenario in which a general contractor can provide the most effective service is when the client already has a design in mind and is ready to consult with an expert about the delivery of a solution. The general contractor can then step in to organize and partner with sub-contractors to execute the plan and ensure that all work is accomplished appropriately.

How Do I Choose A General Contractor To Meet My Goals?

Choose a general contracting company that listens first and hears your full vision

General contractors are chosen by the client and often upon the recommendations of friends or advice from knowledgeable people in the industry. Look at past work and see if it aligns with your design vision.

After evaluating all aspects and requirements of a project, a general contractor can provide an estimate to the client which will include the cost of all labor and materials, plus the price for contracting services. In some cases, this proposal or bid will be compared by the client to similar proposals from other general contractors, and considered with other factors such as the general contractor’s reputation.

In the absence of such recommendations, the general contractor’s reputation for excellence may suffice to convince the client of his/her suitability. For instance, we have been recognized by the Union Tribune as ‘Best Landscape Company in San Diego’, and the ‘Top Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Company’ in San Diego.

How Is Eco Minded Solutions Different?

We are distinguished by an environmentally responsible philosophy perfect for San Diego.

Our team considers the home’s interior and exterior in the context of the surrounding landscape, to provide solutions that are both sustainable and aesthetically appealing. Our innovative techniques keep us at the forefront of the most advantageous trends in home remodeling, and these are coupled with a client’s style preferences to create a unified and satisfying whole.

We take great pride in our attention to detail and flawless execution of the plan, so that we can provide a solution which literally brings a client’s vision to life, exactly as conceived. This isn’t just a mission statement hanging on the wall somewhere – our commitment to excellence is genuine, and the determination to achieve maximum customer satisfaction is our guiding principle.


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Learn More About Our San Diego General Contracting Services

We provide high-end general contracting services to convert your design vision into a seamless workflow that results in a real-life representation of your design expectations.

No matter what kind of luxurious concept you would like to implement, our experts can help you achieve it without sacrificing green and environmentally sound design principles. We can make advantageous use of native drought-tolerant plants to provide you with a landscape that can survive frequent rainfall shortages and still add beauty and life to your surroundings.

We make a point of incorporating quality materials with energy efficient, water-saving appliances in remodeling projects, along with effective insulating materials to make your home both sustainable and beautiful. Elegance is not the same thing as extravagance, and Eco Minded Solutions offers general contracting services which provide the former without resorting to the latter.