Landscape Construction in Encinitas, CA

Landscape Construction in Encinitas: Hardscapes

The firm, non-living elements of your landscape design are known as hardscapes. Examples of hardscapes include:

  • Fences to provide privacy and keep your pet contained
  • Retaining walls for sloped yards, which are common in Encinitas
  • Fire and water features to create ambiance and a spa-like feel in your yard
  • Swimming pools for the ultimate in rest and relaxation
  • Wood decks and paved patios to create a gathering place for entertaining friends and neighbors
  • Natural stone and concrete pavers to enhance the look of paths, driveways, patios, outdoor kitchen, and pool areas
  • Gazebos, arbors, and pergolas to provide shade and a place for climbing plants to grow
  • BBQ islands and outdoor kitchens to increase your home’s entertainment value

Encinitas Landscape Construction: Softscapes

The living aspects of your outdoor living space are called softscapes. Once the hardscape structures are in place, you’re free to plant whatever you want. Examples of softscapes include:

  • Lawns to provide a soft, open space for your kids and pets to play
  • Drought-tolerant trees, flowers, and shrubs that work with the dry climate of Encinitas rather than competing with it
  • Ground cover to add greenery to large areas of your yard without planting grass
  • Container plants to liven up decks, patios, balconies, and other paved areas
  • Living walls made of succulents to provide a unique look with low water usage
  • Artificial turf to give the appearance of grass without the costs, water consumption, and upkeep of a real lawn
  • Xeriscaping for a beautiful yard full of native plants that require less water and maintenance than a traditional lawn

Commercial Landscape Construction in Encinitas

Beautiful, eco-friendly landscaping isn’t reserved for residential properties. If you run a business in Encinitas, you can incorporate the right outdoor design to increase curb appeal and create a lasting impression on your clients. Eco Minded Solutions offers commercial landscape construction for retail stores, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and other businesses in Encinitas. Examples of commercial landscaping include:

  • Picnic areas and other outdoor seating for guests and employees to enjoy
  • Attractive planters, shade trees, and sculpted walkways to create an inviting appearance
  • Fire and water features to enhance the customer experience
  • Gazebos and covered patios to facilitate comfortable seating areas