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Design-Build is a unified project delivery method for initiating a full remodel or when building custom homes. Unlike traditional remodeling, design-build firms integrate all stages from project design to production into one process.

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What are the Benefits of Design-Build Firms?

  • The design-build method ensures that there is a single point of responsibility throughout the construction process, fostering collaboration and efficient problem-solving.
  • The design-build process is known to be cost and time-efficient.
  • A unified approach eliminates the need for a separate bidding process. 
  • Greater accountability, fewer mistakes, and higher quality of work are facilitated due to the singular vision and leadership of the general contractor.
  • Construction phases can start while creative design elements are finalized, leading to faster project completion.
  • A clear budget established at the outset prevents surprises and results in savings over the project’s lifespan.
  • Design-build reduces risks associated with miscommunication or disjointed processes. Transparency promotes understanding and helps avoid costly errors.
Services Provided
  • Whole Home Remodel
  • Landscape Design
  • Architectural Contracting
  • Interior Design
  • Remodeling Contracting

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An All-in-One Construction Project

At Eco Minded Solutions, our skilled professionals guide Bird Rock homeowners through the entire process of a home remodeling project and will help make your major remodel feel as simple as can be. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to second-story additions, outdoor living spaces, and accessory dwelling units, we will transform your property into the perfect space.

When you choose Eco Minded Solutions as a general contractor, you are partnering with a dedicated network of custom home remodeling contractors and full-time staff. As a boutique luxury remodeler and landscaper, we offer a level of care and attention that few other remodeling companies can. We are extremely responsive and always strive to deliver a quality environment that makes our clients extremely happy.

Our Portfolio

1258 Santa Barbara St med res web 1001 6x4 copy
Whole Home + Landscape Design
San Diego
Santa Barbara Street
10364 Bonnie Lane med res web 1005 new
Landscape Design
San Diego
Bonnie Lane
3262 Hawk 15 copy 2
Whole Home + Landscape Design
San Diego
Hawk Street Modern
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Landscape Design
San Diego
Goldspring Lane

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Creative and Consistent Design

Our world-class architects and landscape designers add tremendous value to the design process. From a kitchen remodel to a full backyard makeover, the professionals at Eco Minded Solutions create a beautiful home that fits your life and gives you a brand new house. Our team of architectural designers acts as the primary liaison between clients and our remodeling team, ensuring that your vision, budget, and specific requirements are seamlessly conveyed throughout the entire project. We look to craft digital plans from preliminary sketches and are instrumental in obtaining the necessary building permits for each project.

Convenient and Time-Saving Construction Services

At Eco Minded Solutions, our professional staff and network of contractors prioritize quality and efficiency when constructing complete remodels. With our design-build services, you can get the convenience and time-saving benefits of working with a design-build contractor. Our team will handle both the design phase and construction aspects of your project, so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple contractors when creating your new home.

Serving Bird Rock County for decades

At Eco Minded Solutions, we have the expertise and experience to help you with your local Bird Rock remodeling project. We specialize in the area, so San Diegans can be sure that we understand Southern California and can provide you with the best local innovations and trends. We are one of the only design-build firms in the greater Bird Rock area that offers the highest client care and decades of local experience. When you choose us as your home remodeling or landscape design contractors, you’re receiving individualized care during every aspect of the project.

Design-Build FAQs

A design-builder is a company that handles every aspect of your building project. For example, Eco Minded Solutions creates plans for your new home based on your vision and oversees the completion of construction. You can rely on us for all aspects of a home remodel, from planning to execution, making the process streamlined and efficient.

Yes, design-build construction can save money on major remodels. With our network of subcontractors and in-house staff, Eco Minded Solutions covers every aspect of your build, ensuring that there is no wasted time or money.


The primary benefit is the simplification of the construction process with the knowledge of a local specialty builder. Instead of dealing with multiple professionals, you work with one company, like Eco Minded Solutions, that handles everything, from design to construction. Hiring a firm that specializes in Bird Rock living ensures that you’re partnering with a company that knows how to maximize your space, can suggest the best in local amenities & technology, and more.

Communication issues can lead to project delays and overspending. By working with the Eco Minded Solutions design-build team, you ensure that all professionals are on the same page, reducing the chances of miscommunication as well as saving money & time throughout the entire project.

Yes, projects can be completed faster when all professionals are onboard from the start. We ensure there are little delays in the construction process by meticulously planning and utilizing our vast network of in-house professionals.

Eco Minded Solutions takes full responsibility for the project. If any issues arise, the homeowner knows exactly who to address, ensuring accountability and transparency.