Modern Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

February 25, 2020
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If you are thinking of buying new window treatments or upgrading the existing ones for your sliding doors, the first thing you must do is research. A more specialized set will be more expensive, so you want to get your money’s worth by buying the right one from the get-go. Consider the following suggestions below to help you find the perfect set to spruce up your sliding doors.

Choosing Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

There is a broad range of window treatments, so you are spoiled with choices. It may be confusing for you which one to get. You must think about the following factors when you are out shopping because they will affect your final decision.

Price Matters

The budget is the primary consideration because it spells the difference between getting a sheer curtain or purchasing customized designer roman blinds. A bigger budget gives you more leeway when it comes to style and brands.

Getting the Right Size

Most sliding glass doors do not have sufficient depth, so most likely, you will need to install the window treatment on the wall above. If you are buying this on your own, then you must measure precisely. Make sure to get the accurate surface area so you can get the exact size that can accommodate both the doors’ height and width.

Picking the Style and Material

The standard sliding door, window treatments are drapes and curtains that come in various colors and fabrics. There are also now PVC shades for easy maintenance. For a more rustic look, you can also pick wooden blinds to match the theme of your home.

Each material has its own hanging mechanism and cleaning instructions. The material you choose will also determine how often you need to clean the window treatment to maintain their pristine look. As for style, there will be a more in-depth discussion below.

Door Handle Placement

Your sliding glass doors’ handle may interfere with how your window treatments work. You must consider this when picking the style. If you are selecting a customized treatment, your designer can help extend the width so you can extend it far enough not to hit the handle.

Completely Covered Versus Outdoor Views

If you want to enjoy the panoramic outdoor views from your house, you must pick a material that can quickly retract and fold with ease. It can open from the left, right, or the middle. However, if you want to fully cover your sliding glass doors all the time to protect you from the cold weather, you can ask your designer to add more width so your treatment can overlap with the wall and create a pretty solid cover.

Coordination with Existing Decor

You may want to pick a treatment that matches the style of the room where the sliding glass doors are located. Match it with the theme and see if it blends stylishly with all the other decors. The last thing you want are treatments that don’t work and look odd. Sliding door window treatments that coordinate well with your room look sleek and classy.

Stylish Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing the style is the most exciting part of shopping for window treatments, so it deserves an in-depth part of this article. Thanks to technology, there is a broad range of designs that can fit your modern lifestyle, as well as your home design. Look at these interesting details.

Consider Panel Track Blinds (Sliding Panels)

These sliding panels are the most popular choice of modern homes because they give a sleek vibe that operates efficiently. There are also many fabric options to choose from to match your interiors. As its name suggests, they make these treatments from vertical flat panels of fabric that are set up on a track, allowing you to slide them to cover or uncover your window.

You can easily make a style statement by picking a vibrant color, or you can easily coordinate with the room’s other decors. The numerous fabric choices can coordinate with your roller shades. There are even materials that do light filtering of light, offer complete blackout, or provide a solar function to offer you control so you can get the right natural light that you want.

These kinds of treatments give your versatility when it comes to the mechanism. You can opt for an unadorned wand, a classic pulled cord loop or a motorized device in controlling your shades. Pick whether you like the treatments to slide left, right, or a split tack (which means splitting from the center and opening by pushing to both sides). For a more polished look and to cover the track material, you can enclose with a fabric valance or cornice.

Vertical Cellular Shades

This kind of window treatment for sliding doors gives you stylish, sleek lines that are more modern than the ordinary vertical blinds. If you want a clear view of your patio, this is the perfect choice since you can retract the pleated fabric to a mere few inches at the side of the door.

These shades are easy to open following the flow of your sliding doors. It comes with a mechanism that allows you to push the button to move the shades from side-to-side. This can run from left, right, split stack (open shades from the middle to the sides), or center tack (shade retract from the sides to the center).

Should you need to control the temperature in the room, vertical cellular shades are a great choice because they make the fabric in the shape of a honeycomb, which allows the flow of air. Its air pockets have the power to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. For sliding glass doors, this kind of window treatment has pleats running up and down instead of side to side, which is the standard for normal window panes.

This kind of window treatment gives you a lot of versatility as it comes in a broad range of color choices. You can easily mix and match, depending on the style of the room. Add a cornice to cover the exposed track and keep your room extra elegant.

You can also choose materials that allow the light to flow or thick blackout fabric that keeps out light rays. Do note that whatever material you choose, most materials will be white underneath, so the exterior of your house will get a reliable, uniform look on the outside. This won’t distract the curbside appeal of your home.

Those with pets and kids that frequently open and close the shade may find that they easily get soiled. If wear and tear is an issue, they recommend sliding panels in solar fabric or vinyl. This material can be easily cleaned with soapy water and won’t show dirt easily.

Classic Curtains and Drapes

These traditional materials have been around for a long time. They have unique, stylish features that are also functional. You can have them customize your curtains and drapes for your sliding glass doors, which they often make from materials that add a touch of softness and elegance.

If you pick a thick fabric in a dark color, you can camouflage what is underneath, and your glass door will stay hidden. These curtains and drapes come in thousands of prints, themes, patterns, and colors. You can easily play around with these trying many different combos to match your existing decors.

If you are feeling creative, you can even layer different patterns and pick complementary colors. Should you desire to control the light coming in, simply add a blackout layer. If you want to keep the heat in, especially during cold winter days, you can use a thermal liner.

Curtains need a thicker curtain rod to handle the weight. You must also pull them wider on the sides to cover the sliding doors completely. The kind of curtain rod you choose can also determine the movement of your curtains should you want to pull them back.

A traverse curtain rod will permit drapery rings so you can access the full length of the sliding glass door. In contrast, an older-style curtain rod may impede the movement of the curtains because the center support brackets are blocking the way. For this option, you must split your chosen treatments from the middle to pull them open or close.

Important reminder: it is best to steer clear from rod-pocket style curtains for your sliding glass doors. This style is not meant for frequent opening or closing, which may limit your access to your doors. Choose a pinch pleat or a grommet curtain style that can seamlessly move from any side.

Sliding Shutter Panels

If you want to give your sliding glass doors and ethereal appeal, you can opt for sliding shutter panels. Faux wood shutters are a great accent piece to your sliding doors. They will cover your sliding doors with two large shutter panels. These can easily slide back and forth like the two glass panes of your sliding door.

However, do keep in mind that it will always cover one side of your door. There is a pricier option of extending the track for full access. Akin to vertical blinds, these shutter panels have louvers that you can tilt to adjust the low of light. These louvers come in different sizes with the big giving you a clear view.

Some prefer smaller lovers for privacy. To slide the panels, you must shut all the louvers first. These shutters have a wood-like look and finish, but they make them out of PVC. This type of window treatment is most suitable for sliding glass doors in high traffic areas. Even if they soil, you can easily wipe away the dirt with anti-bacterial wipes or a damp rag.

The best part, this material won’t warp, unlike real wood, which often gets destroyed easily in warm, humid places. This style is an excellent choice for a beach house. You can let the sea breeze flow and block the sun without having to worry about destroying your wood panels.

Sheer Vertical Blinds

If you like the function of vertical blinds but are craving for a softer effect, sheer vertical shades are a great option. These merge all the best aspects of a sheer curtain and vertical blind. Made out of vinyl vanes, these are also attached to a big piece of sheer fabric, giving it a soft effect that can create billows across your glass doors.

They offer you versatility because you can tilt these vertical shades at an angle to let light through. At the same time, you can close them to protect your privacy. One of its best features is you can choose from many various fabrics with unique prints, colors, and textures. All these elements give you the freedom to pick the best style that suits your taste.

Most people choose sheer vertical shade designs that match their shades on their windows. You can clean some styles in your washing machine, so you can keep them clean. Just make sure you double-check the material for washing instructions.

Steer Clear of These Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Horizontal blinds like a faux wood blind, mini blinds, and wood blinds do not work well with sliding glass doors as they will impede your movement. It is also challenging to install these materials because they are heavier and will put undue stress on the track and cord.

Having to lift them to use your sliding doors will thin out the cords and cause them to break. The cords would also be too long, ranging from 10 to 12 feet, which don’t look nice when they are left hanging. On top of that, they are a safety hazard if you have small kids and pets.

Additionally, these have large stacks when fully raised. This means there will always be hanging material when you roll and bunch up these horizontal blinds. Everyone may need to duck to get in and out of your door because of all the excess material. Vertical material that slides left to ride is your best bet.

Final Thoughts

If you need help finding the perfect window treatments for your sliding doors, it is critical to do your research. Most of all, you must find a quality designer, like Eco-Minded Solutions, to help you get the job done. Since you will be investing some money in these window treatments for your sliding glass doors, you will want to purchase a set that is functional and durable. Your choice must also reflect your taste and appeal to your sense of style.