Drought Resistant Landscaping

The xeriscape landscape design method (also called “zeroscaping”) is a technique for landscaping/gardening in which use of water, energy, and chemical fertilizers are reduced as much as possible. The use of native plants, strategic placement, smart irrigation, and energy-efficient outdoor lighting, you can design a lush setting that complements the style of your home.

Given the incredible drought that California is facing it is no wonder that xeriscaping and it’s ability to increase drought resistance and lower your landscape’s water usage have become one of our most popular landscape designs for San Diego.

Xeriscaping with Plants Native to San Diego

Native plants are ideal for sustainable, low maintenance landscape solutions. The plants that naturally grow in a specific area have adapted to the surrounding soil, moisture, climate, and temperature changes between seasons.  When healthy native plants are grown and placed in an appealing manner, they can improve the appearance of your yard while minimizing water use in your outdoor living spaces. They are also resistant to pests and don’t require use of chemical fertilizers.

Some popular plants native to San Diego include:

  • California fuchsia
  • Purple three-awn
  • Desert willow
  • Fairy duster
  • Coastal sagebrush
Landscape Design Del Mar

The drought-resistant plants used in this xeriscape provide a beautiful plethora of color and texture in Del Mar, CA.

Reduce Water Consumption & Maintenance with Xeriscaping

It is estimated that about 50 percent of the water that homeowners use goes to lawns and outdoor plants. By adopting xeriscape techniques, you can cut your water usage in half. Installation of smart irrigation systems help conserve water and reduce your need for high maintenance yards.

We can also install Fescue which is a type of grass that is both drought and shade-tolerant. Usually found in pastures this sustainable grass product can be used for home, businesses, parks and other outdoor areas. It can be grown in full sun, deep shade or anything in between. This environmentally conscious alternative to drought resistant plants used in xeriscaping looks like regular grass, doesn’t require fertilizer and can be mowed less than traditional grass.

Reduce Energy Use & Chemical Fertilizers

Native plants do not just require less water, they require little maintenance in the way of mowing and trimming.

When paired with energy efficient outdoor lighting, you can further curb your dependence on energy while cutting the cost of your utility bills. Most plant fertilizers contain dangerous chemicals that can damage the environment. Use of native plants limits the need for fertilizers because these species are already resistant to local pests common to San Diego.

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