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By collaborating with our architectural designers, we guarantee that the design and construction phases are harmonized, delivering a streamlined construction process that aligns perfectly with the client’s vision and stipulated requirements.

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How Expert Architectural Designers Create Your Dream Home

Most residential architecture firms work in partnership with general contractors—we provide a dedicated licensed architect and a team of innovative architectural designers to guide the project through the design process. Eco Minded Solutions also pairs the best residential architects with top-notch remodeling and landscaping teams to make sure the entire process is cohesive and smooth.

We create functional and aesthetically pleasing designs that endure for our clients. Our architectural designers act as your own architectural firm and are the primary liaison between clients and our dedicated building team. This ensures that your custom residential designs are seamlessly implemented throughout the remodeling project

Eco Minded Solutions has a diverse portfolio of innovative designs and design solutions. Working with a diverse range of building materials to custom-tailor the project to your vision, we create a seamless flow from the interior into outdoor spaces. Take full advantage of Southern California living with our whole home remodeling services

Services Provided
  • Whole Home Remodel
  • Landscape Design
  • Design Build
  • Interior Design
  • Remodeling Contracting

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Our Portfolio

1258 Santa Barbara St med res web 1001 6x4 copy
Whole Home + Landscape Design
San Diego
Santa Barbara Street
10364 Bonnie Lane med res web 1005 new
Landscape Design
San Diego
Bonnie Lane
3262 Hawk 15 copy 2
Whole Home + Landscape Design
San Diego
Hawk Street Modern
8103 Goldspring ln med res web 1002 AI new
Landscape Design
San Diego
Goldspring Lane

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Sustainable Residential Architects

At Eco Minded Solutions, all of our custom residential projects prioritize green building and sustainability. We strive to preserve resources, generate savings, and promote healthy living through our architectural services. Our team of residential architects, interior designers, and home builders create coastal homes with plenty of natural light, drought-resistant & low-maintenance landscapes, and include cutting-edge technology.

Perfecting the Whole Home Remodel

Eco Minded Solutions’ wide range of architectural services allows our whole home renovation services to feel like a perfect escape from typical urban design. Our experienced team of designers create spaces that blend interior design with outdoor living spaces. Our custom homes take advantage of Southern California living, with plenty of natural light and open space.

We are Solana Beach Architects

Eco Minded Solutions residential architectural services are tailored to Solana Beach homeowners. Architects in Solana Beach need to know the environment—our decades of Southern California remodeling experience ensure our design services offer innovative solutions to common issues within the Solana Beach area.

Residential Architect FAQ's

The architectural designer acts as the main point of contact between the client and the construction side of the project. They gather important information from the client and communicate it to the architect and the general contractor. They also create digital plans based on existing sketches and assist in securing building permits.

Architects are responsible for designing homes and producing working plans for new or remodeled properties. Architectural designers execute tasks given by architects and work under them. An architectural designer can only act on a plan they created if their supervising architect approves it.

Some popular styles include Mission Revival, Victorian, Craftsman, Modern, and Customized styles. Eco Minded Solutions specializes in different building styles, guides homeowners through the design process, and matches your vision with what works best for your home.

Eco Minded Solutions handles both the building and planning aspects of projects, working as builders and architectural designers. Our landscape design team creates sustainable outdoor spaces using innovative and eco-conscious designs. They aim to integrate the landscape with the home through our whole home remodeling services, creating an all-encompassing, indoor-outdoor environment throughout your entire home.