New Construction vs. Remodel

March 10, 2023
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In this article:

  • Pros and cons of a new construction vs. renovation project
  • Costs associated with each build type
  • Factors to consider while deciding
  • San Diego Laws and Requirements

Choosing between a new construction project and a whole house remodel is hard. There are pros and cons to a new construction vs. a remodel debate, and you may not know all of them. If you are struggling to decide between those options, this article should prove quite helpful. We will examine the new construction vs. a remodel debate from different angles so you can gather as much information as possible.

As a result, by the end of this article, you should know what kind of project you want to work on together with your selected San Diego design-build firm.

New Construction vs. Renovation: Pros and Cons

Weighing the pros and cons of new construction and renovation projects will help you decide which suits your situation better. Let’s start by evaluating the pros and cons of new constructions.

New Construction Pros

  • Start from Scratch – You are building your new San Diego property from scratch. As a result, it will not suffer from any issues that may jeopardize its structural integrity sooner than expected.
  • Easier to Customize – Custom home building is easier if you are starting from square one. You will not deal with potential obstacles that way and will be able to design your entire home, resulting in your dream house.
  • No Toxic Substances – Some older homes may be hiding toxic substances. Those toxic substances will not be present in a new home.

New Construction Cons

  • Long Construction Time – New construction projects involve a lot of preparations. They will almost always take longer than renovation projects.
  • Potential Legal Obstacles – Building your home in a new location means dealing with the laws there. Those laws could interfere with your vision. Now, let’s get to the pros and cons of renovation projects.
  • Might Be Overkill – Sometimes home remodeling allows you to truly remodel the parts of your home that need it the most. A whole home remodel allows you to choose between a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or a combination of multiple projects—instead of starting from scratch.

Renovation Pros

  • Control Your Changes – Do you still like certain aspects of your San Diego home? You can keep them intact while implementing other upgrades—working your way towards your dream home.
  • Blend Old with New – Older homes possess a distinctive type of charm. Accentuate that charm by having Eco Minded Solutions execute a perfectly tailor-made renovation plan instead of building a new home.
  • Greater Home Value – You can substantially increase the value of your home by paying for key upgrades. Selling it will also be easier after those upgrades.

Renovation Cons

  • Temporary Accommodations – If you are going for a whole house renovation, finding temporary accommodations will be necessary. Finding a good temporary home for your family is often easier said than done, especially if you have pets.
  • Surprising Issues – While working on your home, your San Diego remodeling contractors may encounter issues they did not know about. Those issues could make your project significantly more complicated.

What Are the Costs Associated with Each Build Type?

It is now time for us to tackle the new construction vs. remodel debate while primarily considering the associated costs.

Which of these two projects will cost you more money? Generally speaking, new construction projects are more expensive than a complete home remodel. That should come as no surprise because those projects involve clearing the property, laying a foundation, building the framework, and numerous other necessary tasks.

On top of that, you will need more materials to complete your new construction project. he San Diego custom home builders you hire must also put in more hours to complete the job. So, does this mean you should opt for remodeling to save money? Well, you could technically save more money by remodeling, but that does not guarantee you the best value.

Remodeling makes sense if the underlying features of your home are still in relatively good condition. Then, you can add new rooms or refresh your home’s design throughout the home remodeling project, knowing that you will benefit from those upgrades for many years. Moving forward with those upgrades when your home is already in an advanced state of disrepair is not quite as wise.

Whatever upgrades you make at that point may be compromised by your home’s deteriorating core structure. At that point, you will be better off starting from scratch.

Do not assume that remodeling is the best option if you want to maximize your building budget. Instead, consult with a design-build firm in your area so they can assess your property and offer some insight.

Factors to Consider When Deciding

Cost is only one of the factors you should consider when choosing between remodeling and building from scratch. Let’s talk about the other important factors in this section of the article.

Your Preferred Timeline

How much time can you allot for your building project? Your answer to that question could determine which type of project will suit your needs better. Building a new home will take a while. If you do not have the time for that, your best bet may be to remodel. List your remodeling priorities and focus on them if you feel pressed for time.

Your Vision for Your San Diego Property

The specific ideas you have in mind for your San Diego property should also help you come up with a decision. If you have plans to alter the layout of your property, you may want to consider new construction. However, remodeling is the move if you only wish to modernize your home by installing some key upgrades.

Your Home’s Age

You are fighting an uphill battle if your San Diego home is already quite old. Making some upgrades now can slow down the deterioration of your home, but you will need to pay for big changes sooner rather than later. Starting from scratch would be better in that scenario. Reset the clock for your San Diego home by building it again. Going down this route is also recommended if you plan to leave your home to your children.

Tax Credits and Discounts

This final point does not specifically favor either new construction or remodeling projects. Instead, it is something you need to keep in mind before starting your building project unless you want to miss out on savings. The recently passed climate bill allows homeowners to claim tax credits for purchasing and installing certain appliances. Examples of discounted appliances include residential solar panels, heat pumps, and electric stoves. Whether building from scratch or renovating, you should try to take advantage of those discounts.

San Diego Laws and Requirements

There is something you should know before you start your building project in San Diego County. You see, the county must first approve projects like that. Per the California Building Standards Code, no structure may be constructed or altered unless the relevant permits are secured first. You cannot even start major repairs without those permits.

You can complete some projects, such as painting, building a retaining wall, and constructing a detached accessory dwelling unit without a permit, but those exceptions are limited.

Securing the permits for your project can also be a troublesome ordeal. You must prepare different documents, including the building construction plans and the project contacts information reference. In addition, depending on the specific characteristics of your property, you may also be required to accomplish supplemental documents.

The process of obtaining those permits can be quite bothersome, especially if you have a full-time job. Thankfully, you can leave that task up to your design-and-build contractors.

San Diego Design-Build Firm

The San Diego custom home builders at our design-build firm have been providing high-quality home renovation services in and around San Diego County for a long time. Clients like our design-and-build approach because it saves them money, keeps their projects on schedule, and simplifies management. Try our design-and-build services and see how well they work for you.