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El Cajon is a beautiful place to live. Does your home and yard reflect the beauty in the landscape around you? If not, Eco Minded Solutions can help. Our custom homesremodeling, and landscaping services are second to none in the greater San Diego area.

Let our creative, experienced team work to modernize your home with upgrades that help it better suit the needs of your family. We take a sustainable approach to every design we complete to decrease your home’s energy usage and increase its value once we finish your project.

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Custom Home Building & Remodeling Services in El Cajon, CA

Building a custom home or remodeling your existing property grants you endless opportunities. Add those unique features you’ve always wanted in your home, such as floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, double wall ovens in the kitchen, or an infinity swimming pool in the backyard. With help from the creative design team at Eco Minded Solutions, the sky’s the limit! Present us with your ideas, and we’ll do everything we can to bring them to life.

Our custom home building and remodeling services in El Cajon include:

Our goal is to combine luxury living with environmental responsibility. To achieve this, we’ll help you select eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient appliances and fixtures. We’ll also incorporate cutting-edge design methods to reduce your home’s overall environmental impact. The result is a stunning property that also operates efficiently for lower utility expenses.

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Landscaping Services in El Cajon

The microclimate in El Cajon is unique because it straddles areas with Mediterranean and semi-arid climates. As a result, the valley in which El Cajon sits is often described as “arid Mediterranean.” The trick to landscaping in such a microclimate is to incorporate hardy, drought-tolerate plants native to San Diego. If you need help selecting what to plant in your garden, Eco Minded Solutions has you covered. Our team can design a landscape that requires little water and minimal maintenance.

Gardening is far from our only landscaping service. Check out everything we offer:

Whether you want an expanse of grass for your kids and pets to play, or you prefer xeriscaping to keep maintenance costs down, we’ll cater our designs to meet your needs. We specialize in creating landscapes specifically for SoCal’s unique climate, so you can count on having a beautiful, functional, eco-friendly outdoor space to enjoy for many years.

Explore our portfolio to get landscaping ideas from some of our past award-winning projects, and contact us online to schedule a landscaping consultation in El Cajon!

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What qualities do you look for in a design+build team? Eco Minded Solutions is reliable, experienced, and certified. Over the years, we have built a reputation for offering environmentally friendly, cost-effective designs that we deliver on time and on budget. If these are the types of things you want to experience when working with a home remodeling and landscaping company in El Cajon, trust us to complete your upcoming project.

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