How to Modernize Your Home

April 26, 2022
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A home that features the latest design trends is sure to be a hit in the real estate market. However, you may not be aware of how to modernize your home. Buyers may pass over your property in favor of other homes that are on the cutting edge of modern design.

Even if you have no plans to sell your home, failing to modernize it could lead to you missing certain benefits. Do not allow your household to fall behind. Read this article and learn how you can update your home’s design.

When deciding how to modernize your home that suits your personal style and budget, consider these 14 eye-catching updates. Follow these tips and use them to transform your outdated household!

How Do You Modernize a Home?

Before we get to the specific ways you can modernize your home, let’s first discuss what that approach is all about. Modern architecture features certain hallmarks that remain relevant to this day.

For example, modern architecture emphasizes the importance of functional design. If you are adding a certain element to a home, it has to be more than a design flourish. The element in question should also serve a practical purpose.

The modern design also values minimalism. You should not clutter a modern home with unnecessary elements. Also, modern homes typically feature an open design. The open design allows certain spaces to remain functional. It also allows you to maintain that minimalistic approach to designing your home.

14 Tips for Modernizing Your Home

Now that we are caught up on the fundamental elements of modern architecture, we can shift our focus on how to modernize your home with some specific tips and tricks. Consider the following tips carefully because they could end up working wonders for you and your household.

1. Build Using Sustainable Materials

To get started, we want to highlight the materials that are now more frequently used to construct modern homes. Green building is a practice that has become increasingly popular in recent years as homeowners have veered away from wasteful and destructive construction methods.

A big part of proper green building is using sustainable materials. Work closely with a contractor and tell them that you only want to use sustainably-sourced materials for your new home. By using those sustainably-sourced materials, you can greatly reduce the environmental impact that your building project will have.

Furthermore, you should also check if you can purchase your building materials from local suppliers. Buying your materials from local suppliers also helps reduce any adverse environmental impact that your project may have since you do not need to transport the goods across long distances.

2. Change Your Color Scheme

When deciding how to modernize your home, refreshing your color scheme regularly is one way to keep your décor consistently relevant. Classic color schemes work fine, but you can afford to be more daring if you want your home to truly grab some attention.

According to this article from HGTV, colors like very peri, evergreen fog, and urbane bronze are among the trendy colors at this point. Very peri has a bold appearance that can make pairings hard to create. If you are having a tough time finding the right fit, you can always default to using neutral colors along with very peri.

In contrast to very peri, evergreen fog and urbane bronze are more neutral shades. They can complement various color schemes well. Using them together is also a good idea if you want your interior décor to take on an earthier feel.

3. Update Your Fixtures

While checking your home for elements that could benefit from being modernized, you may gloss over your fixtures. That tends to happen because many people overlook those elements even though they are important. Do not make that same mistake while you are trying to figure out how to modernize your home.

Bring an electrician in and have them inspect your electrical outlets. Ask the electrician to repair your outlets if doing so is necessary. While the electrician is inspecting the outlets, you can also ask them to install new fixtures that are compatible with modern appliances.

Your electrical outlets are not the only fixtures that you should swap; it is also a great time to install new water fixtures. Choose low-flow fixtures to use the water moving through your household efficiently.

4. Get New Appliances for Your Household

Modernizing your home does not always involve paying for long-term changes. Sometimes, you can update your home by simply purchasing some new appliances. Get a new television for your entertainment center and instantly transform the look of your living room. Pair it with a surround system, and you are well on your way to creating a media room or perhaps even a home theater.

Other appliances you should consider getting for your modern home include a new washing machine, a new dryer, or maybe a new air conditioner. It is up to you to decide which appliances to prioritize while you are shopping. You do not need to worry about getting the newest appliances available because you replaced your outlets. Those new outlets can accommodate your new appliances with no trouble.

5. Open Up Your Household

Open spaces are commonly found in many modern households. Open spaces are common in many modern households. Consider redesigning your home to open it up better. Why is opening up your interior space worth doing? For starters, freeing up more space inside your home eases potential cramping.

Your home will no longer feel like a cluttered mess after you open it up. Furthermore, opening your home also improves how it flows. The newly open layout of your home promotes activity and engagement. It should come in handy if you have plans to host future parties.

Open spaces are also more versatile. You can leave the space open for a party or populate it with pieces of furniture. Trying out different design schemes is easier if your household features a versatile, open space.

6. Improve Your Lighting

When deciding how to modernize your home, do not forget about lighting. There are two ways to go about modernizing your lighting. The first method involves swapping old and inefficient light bulbs for LEDs and other eco-friendly fixtures.

Over time, you can save a lot of money by switching to those new lights. You can also improve your home’s lighting by utilizing Mother Nature’s gift. Using sunlight to illuminate your home is a great idea.

Per this article from the Department of Energy, north-facing windows allow even lighting throughout the year and they also minimize glare and heat gain. Choose the spots for your north-facing windows carefully to bathe your home in natural lighting effectively.

7. Redesign Your Kitchen

Honing specific rooms is a wise move if you are trying to modernize your home. The kitchen, in particular, could benefit from some long-overdue upgrades. Swap out your old and damaged countertops for easy-to-clean materials.

When deciding how to modernize your home, upgrade your outlets and water fixtures so you can start using new appliances. You should also consider removing any kitchen islands to free up more space. Speaking of freeing up more space, you may want to look into creating an open concept kitchen as part of your upgrade efforts.

Open concept kitchens have become popular because homeowners have leveraged their versatility to morph their homes. Those open-concept kitchens are also excellent for entertaining guests. We have only scratched the surface of what you can do to your kitchen. Speak to a contractor about other ideas you can try out if you wish to upgrade that part of your home.

8. Renovate Your Bathroom

Aside from your kitchen, you should also consider renovating your bathroom to modernize it. The bathroom is probably the part of your home that wastes the most water. Modernizing your bathroom means eliminating that area of inefficiency. Install new faucets so you can reduce the amount of water that goes down your drain unused.

While you are at it, you should also install new toilets and showers that excel at reducing water waste. The bathroom is also a part of your home where you can use recycled materials. You can cut down on your material expenses by using recycled goods. Finish the renovation by applying a fresh coat of paint to refresh the appearance of your bathroom.

9. Overhaul Single-Purpose Rooms

You may have rooms inside your home that are only meant for one purpose. A good example of this would be a storage area that features no distinctive features or an exercise room that is full of heavy equipment. We are not saying that those rooms are useless because they obviously are not.

However, it is worth asking if you are getting the most out of them. You may only use single-purpose rooms sparingly. Most of the time, their potential remains untapped, and you are left wondering about the possibilities.

Take this opportunity to redesign those single-purpose rooms and turn them into more functional areas. Clear them out, install some updated fixtures, and start using them more often. You will be surprised by how useful those rooms are if they are not dedicated to a single purpose.

10. Be Bold with Your Décor

When deciding how to modernize your home, adding some decorative elements to round out your revamped home design is smart. Of course, you cannot use any random piece to complete your décor because your design scheme may look chaotic as a result.

If you want to feature something modern, you need to be bold with your décor. Choose brightly colored furniture and other statement pieces. Items that feature distinctive patterns are also welcome additions to a modern home.

3D art pieces have also become more mainstream lately, and they can be eye-catching elements of your home décor. Look around your area and commission local artists to create the pieces you need to finish your preferred design scheme.

11. Add Greenery to Your Home Décor

Homeowners have come to realize the value of plants in modern décor. These days, you will find design schemes built entirely around plants. A designer may strategically position plants throughout your home and use them as the focal points of your home décor.

When deciding how to modernize your home. plants can add plenty of vibrant color to an otherwise drab design scheme. They can work both as contrasting and complementary elements. Plants also add a certain type of liveliness to a home setting. They can add such a unique dimension to your home. Go ahead and integrate their unique look into your design scheme to create something spectacular.

12. Connect Your Home Interior to Your Yard

Arranging plants inside your home is not the only way you can utilize them for decorative purposes. One more way to pull that off involves connecting your home interior to your yard. Choose a segment of your interior wall that you can do without and replace it with patio doors.

With the patio doors in place, you can now create a seamless pathway from your home interior to your yard. Install some new windows close to your patio doors, and you can make the connection even stronger. You should also consider adding some decorative elements to your yard that pair with your interior home décor. Doing so will allow you to create a more cohesive design.

13. Invest in Your Landscaping

Lastly, we encourage you to invest in your landscaping if you wish to modernize your home. You will be amazed by the way some trees and flower beds can completely transform your yard. If you have some money to spare, you can even look into starting your own garden.

When wondering how to modernize your home, defining the perimeter of your yard using walls or fencing is also worth doing. Those barriers can be functional and decorative additions to your property. To finish, you can arrange some lights throughout your yard to better highlight that part of your home.

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