Different Types of Landscapes and Which Is Best for You

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Beautifying your property can involve more than focusing on your home. Look through the types of landscapes that are available, and you can see how altering the surrounding area can work wonders.

Homeowners truly do have a wealth of options when it comes to landscaping. You can opt for more straightforward designs or go for something truly creative and unexpected. The choice is yours.

To make that choice even easier, you can go ahead and check out the different landscaping options featured in this article. This article will also offer landscaping recommendations based on your goals, highlight precautionary measures you need to take, and provide an overview of your plant options.

Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the topic of different types of landscapes and how to choose the right one for you and your home.

What Is Landscaping?

Landscaping is a complicated endeavor that requires one to be knowledgeable and skilled in various disciplines. The land surrounding a home is the canvas, and it is the landscaper’s job to turn that into something spectacular. The people tasked with transforming the land have numerous challenges to face.

If the homeowner has a specific idea of what they want to happen, bringing that to life may be difficult. The landscapers also need to adjust to the plot of land they are dealing with. They may need to figure out how to work around trees or come up with a way to manipulate the soil properly. Some landscaping projects may also involve building structures on the property, and that can be an ordeal unto itself.

There is no one way to go about landscaping, and that is part of the reason why it’s worth investing in it. By taking the time to beautify the land yourself or asking experts to do so, you can truly make that property your own. Of course, there are other reasons why landscaping is a worthwhile investment.

The Benefits of Landscaping

Pouring money into landscaping because it makes your property more beautiful is a good enough reason to justify the investment. After all, dream homes are supposed to be gorgeous from every angle.

But let’s say that how beautiful the surrounding property is matters little to you as long as the home itself is comfortable. Is there still a reason for you to invest in landscaping? The answer is a resounding yes, and the supporting reasons are plentiful.

Landscaping Adds Value to Your Property

You can only do so much to make your home more inviting and comfortable. At a certain point, you will finish the home, and that’s that.

When the time comes for you to sell, the beautiful home may push the price up, but you may leave a good chunk of money on the table because you neglected to do something to the surrounding land. Experts estimate that landscaping can add as much as 15 percent of extra value to a property’s listing price.

Beyond increasing final value, putting money into landscaping can also make your property more coveted. If you’re in a hurry to sell your home, the fact that it comes with a landscaped yard could convince potential buyers to put forth their final offers earlier.

Landscaping Allows You to Customize Your Property to Your Needs and Preferences

The property you buy may not be the perfect fit for you right from day one. You may have a thriving vegetable patch in your backyard, but that may go to waste if a family doesn’t have a fondness for gardening. Yards designed for outdoor grilling and other summertime activities may also not be useful to those who do not cook often.

Even if you can appreciate the amount of work that previous homeowners put into that garden or that outdoor grilling area, they may not necessarily be useful to you. In a scenario such as that, you’ll want to enlist the help of skilled landscapers so you can transform the surrounding area to better meet your preferences.

Landscaping Can Be Beneficial to Your Health

As noted above, you can opt to have a garden growing in your backyard through landscaping. With a garden so close by, you can grow your own vegetables and enjoy healthy meals regularly.

Depending on how much space you have to work with, you may even grow some fruit-bearing trees. Landscaped backyards are also more inviting.

If you’ve found it difficult to get into a regular exercise routine before, perhaps having a well-maintained backyard on your property will encourage you to spend more time outdoors. Long walks around your property can be a form of exercise too.

Precautionary Measures to Take Before Moving Forward With Landscaping

Now that you know more about the benefits of landscaping, you’re probably ready to call up some experts now and have them get started on your property. Before you do that, though, it helps to take a few precautionary measures that will ensure that the landscaping project goes well.

Work With the Real Experts

Landscaping is not cheap. Homeowners with large properties may spend thousands of dollars to bring their vision to life. Considering the boost in property value you’re getting from landscaping, and the other benefits that come from it, you can easily justify the cost of the project.

Paying a significant amount of money for landscaping is certainly preferable to hiring cheap workers who may do a shoddy job. Aside from wasting your money, those workers may also do damage to your property that may be more expensive to repair. Save your property from damage and yourself from headaches by going to the renowned professionals any time you need landscaping work done.

Know the Landscaping Limitations in Your Area

It’s your property, and you want it to be identical to the paradise-like vision you have in your head. There’s nothing wrong with being meticulous, but you must be realistic. Not every element you want present in your yard may be a realistic addition.

The climate is always an important consideration. Certain plants can only grow in specific conditions, and you need to be cognizant of that. If there are strict zoning laws in your neighborhood, they may forbid you from putting up structures you want.

Before pushing forward with your landscaping plan, make sure that it is a realistic one to save yourself from future disappointment.

Reserve Plenty of Time for the Landscaping Project

In a rush to get their properties ready for the summer season when they intend to have guests come over, some homeowners may demand that workers finish the landscaping project in a few days. That’s often not a reasonable request.

It can take weeks to complete a landscaping project, especially if there’s plenty of ground to cover and transform. Plan ahead and schedule work on your property to start well before you intend to welcome guests so that the project can be completed properly.

Different Types of Landscapes and Which Is Best for You | Eco Minded Solutions

What Is Your Goal With Landscaping?

After you’ve decided that you want your property landscaped, you’ll need to make yet another important decision. Specifically, you’ll need to decide what you want the workers to do to your yard. This is where it helps to explore the types of landscapes that are available as they are suited to different kinds of homeowners.

Landscaping for Your Kids

Purchasing a sizable property is a good idea if you already have young kids and want to give them plenty of space to play. Plus, having a big yard means that your kids won’t need to go anywhere else to enjoy outdoor activities.

Of course, that assumes that the yard is already conducive to children right from the start. That’s not always the case, however. Some yards may have elements that could pose a danger to kids who are running around wildly.

Have the landscapers take care of that to create a safer environment for your children. If you’re looking to encourage your kids to get into sports, you may also want to have some spaces prepared for the appropriate equipment.

Landscaping for Sustainability

When some people see an open field, the first thing they think of is what they can plant on it. If you’re one of those people, you can request your landscapers to carve out some gardening space. Aside from giving you space to use for gardening, you can also ask the workers to help you plant some trees that may yield delicious fruits later. Instead of making regular trips to the farmer’s market, all the produce you need may be available right from your yard with the help of landscaping.

Landscaping for Entertaining

Entertaining guests is a hobby for many homeowners, but there’s no reason you must limit your hospitality to the four walls of your house. You can easily take the fun outdoors with the help of landscapers. Ask the landscapers to create a dining spot for you outside so that you can also entertain under the summer sky. For those who love to grill, you can ask the workers to create a space for your grill.

Landscaping for Relaxation

Relaxing outdoors is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Breathing in the fresh air and looking at verdant surroundings can help anyone calm down. You can also opt to turn your yard into your own haven for a relaxation. Ask the landscapers to create a Zen garden or have them carve out space for a small pond so that you can listen to the soothing sound of water as you decompress from a hard day of work.

The Different Types of Landscapes Available

Now that you’ve figured out why you want your yard landscaped, you can now focus on picking out a style for the workers to implement. There are all kinds, styles, and types of landscapes for you to choose from, and your only limits are your imagination. For those struggling to come up with ideas, included below are some types of landscapes worth checking out.

Tropical Landscape

Plenty of people prefer taking trips to a tropical destination while on vacation, and it’s hard to blame them. Tropical destinations can be truly spectacular. Through landscaping, you can bring those sights to your backyard. Having a tropical landscape complement your home is also a good move if you want your property to stand out even more.

English Cottage Landscape

Another landscaping choice for you to consider is one modeled after the English cottage aesthetic. What’s great about these types of landscapes is that they bring added color to your property without overwhelming everything else. You’re relying more on flowers to bring this landscape to life, although you can add other elements such as ponds and bridges as well.

Japanese Garden Landscape

For homeowners looking to create a relaxing space in their own backyard, it’s hard to beat the Japanese garden landscape. These types of landscapes have a mixture of greenery and water. You can plant smaller trees all over your yard to create a cozier feel, while fountains and Koi ponds introduce relaxing streams. You’re not getting much color variety from this type of landscape, but your property will still improve significantly by it.

What Plants Should Be Present on Your Property?

Landscaping projects prominently feature plants, and there are numerous options for you to choose from. When it comes to flowers, you can choose from:

  • Annuals
  • Biennials
  • Perennials
  • Bulbs

If you want to add an element of height to your property, planting some evergreen fir trees will help you achieve your goal. Don’t forget to add some aquatic plants, groundcovers, and vines as well.

Call the Landscaping Experts in Your Area Today

Landscaping is a big undertaking, but the payoff is huge. By investing in landscaping, you can turn an otherwise unremarkable property into one that stands out as the jewel of the neighborhood. Contact Eco Minded Solutions today to ensure that the true potential of your property is realized through the many different types of landscapes.