Why Landscape Architecture & Design In San Diego Is So Different

Whenever you are thinking about updating the landscape architecture of a home in San Diego, it is important to select a style of landscape design that will work well in your particular micro-climate. The plants and landscape designs that look great near the beach in La Jolla might not be appropriate for the drier climate and cooler nights in Rancho Santa Fe.

For most of San Diego County, the California sun and cool ocean breezes make for a Mediterranean climate, which allows us to enjoy our outdoor living spaces year-round. This makes having a peaceful place for retreat or outdoor entertainment a must-have for every home-owner in Southern California!

San Diego’s unique climate also gives landscape architects like ours an amazing set of possibilities to work with in your residence!
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Portfolio of Landscape Design Ideas

Need some inspiration? Visit our project portfolio to view photos of 50+ landscape design ideas for San Diego. With hundreds of photos covering hardscape, softscape, and xeriscape, you can explore a variety of landscaping design ideas suited for any of San Diego’s climates.

Visualize Before You Build

When you’re ready to develop your dream into a design, our expert landscape architects and designers are here to help. Depending on the design package you purchase, your designer will create a hand-colored landscape concept illustrating your updated landscape from a birds-eye view, as well as a two or three-dimensional renderings of the final product. By the time we break ground at the property, you’ll have explored and approved every aspect of your new landscape.

View more pictures of this beautiful La Jolla landscape design+build that included slope restructuring and construction of a full outdoor kitchen and stone lap pool.


Landscape Architecture Plans

Our comprehensive landscape construction plans include everything you need to bring your landscape visions to life. Official working documents, design details, plant lists, and construction plans are drawn up in order to give you a clear vision of the project, and we obtain Homeowners Association approval and city permits as needed.

San Diego Landscape Design Styles

Before choosing your San Diego landscape design style, consider what style of design typically meshes best with your established home landscape architecture, community, and personal image.

The style of landscape should be likened to a theme, template, or paint palette, that draws inspiration from a specific climate or historical influence. Our experienced San Diego landscape architects can instruct you on the best integration of water features, fire features, green living walls, or other artistic accents to suit your preferred style. We work to make our landscape design complementary of the natural landscape so that we can implement as many natural elements as possible.

Mediterranean Landscape Design

Blend the feel of the Mediterranean Sea with the trends and designs of France, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Morocco. This landscape style incorporates turquoise, vibrant plants, and sun-loving flowers.


Create a retreat using native plants that love the sun, use little water, incorporate modern irrigation systems, and limit the need for chemical fertilizers or herbicide. Any yard can be xeriscaped. Not just a style of landscape design, drought-resistant landscaping is also a functional choice which reduces water consumption and requires minimal maintenance. At Eco Minded Solutions, we can  modify any landscape to include low-maintenance, cost-effective, and eco-friendly landscape construction tactics.


Transform your backyard into a resplendent tropical garden. From colorful flowers to gorgeous foliage, we will create the look and feel of the Caribbean, or any tropical inspiration of your choice.

Contemporary or Modern

We will devise a clean and polished garden that fuses geometric symmetry with contemporary. This style is popular thanks to its creative paver design installations, as well as sculptural art fixtures.

Formal or English

A traditional English-style garden transforms an ordinary space into an extraordinary maze of bodacious foliage, roses, and clematis gardens. From chessboard patterns to precisely trimmed hedges, you’ll feel as though you’re stepping into a royal garden from the United Kingdom.


Zen gardens are meant to bring peace and tranquility to their owners. We incorporate the gardening principles of Japanese and Zen garden masters to create an uplifting harmonious landscape. Add elemental water or fire features to bring out the best of this design style.

Oriental or Feng Shui

Positive energy flow can bring you the benefits of the Chi—good fortune, luck, and health. With Feng Shui, we will help you connect to nature by blending mountain greenery, colorful flowers, and the energy of select water features.

Other important accents of a landscape design include, but are not limited to: outdoor lighting, furniture, kitchens, and living spaces which are customized to your personal passions.

1. Getting to Know Each Other

During our initial meeting, we will listen carefully to your vision of the look and function of your space. This meeting will help us understand your short and long term goals, your design tastes and preferences, and the style you are envisioning. We will review our design process and construction procedures and answer any questions you may have. Your designer will work with you to establish a budget and prepare an agreement to set expectations for the project.

2. Property Assessment & Landscape Design

Our team will take property measurements and review property conditions including soil type, existing irrigation, property exposure and other applicable site considerations. A computer drafted landscaping design plan will be generated that will include details that clearly define the specifications of your project. At this time, all material selections will be made for every element of your plan. Once the design is approved, we will review the scope of work with you and set timelines.

3. Review the Scope of Work

Our team will review the scope of work with you prior to construction commencing to set timelines and deliveries according to your needs.

4. Construction Project Management

Eco Minded Solutions will assign an experienced Project Manager to your project. Your Project Manager will work with the Construction Manager, Foreman and Construction Crew to guarantee that every detail of the project plan is properly implemented. During your project, you will work closely with your EMS Designer and EMS Project Manager. They will provide you updates and discuss your project with you every step of the way.

5. Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to the start of construction, we will schedule an onsite pre-construction meeting with you. Your EMS designer and project manager will do a final review of the entire project to ensure that any unanswered questions are addressed.

 6. Construction Begins

With plans and permits finalized and materials selected, the project begins.

7. Project Completion

At completion of your landscape design+build project, your EMS project manager will walk through your property with you to identify any elements that require modification, including any last-minute changes or upgrades.

Your project will not be deemed complete until you are 100% satisfied.

When your project is completed you will receive a detailed packet of information about warranted products and services. For thirty days, EMS will perform weekly property assessments to make sure that all elements of your project are healthy and functioning properly.

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Managing Expectations

At Eco Minded Solutions, we don't aim for a low-cost build. Rather, we believe in designing a lasting landscape design that matches your luxurious home. Your budget will be the forefront of our landscape architecture and design team’s planning process. During your design consultation with a landscape architect, costs will be one of the first items discussed to properly manage your expectations with your budget.


Our Landscape Designs Are Built to Last

Our landscape architects and designers will work within your budget to maximize your space without sacrificing quality. We make sure you are getting the most out of your budget, even if it means reducing the overall project size, because we believe in delivering only the highest quality of work. Therefore, we will not begin the construction process unless a consensus is reached on the design vision. No corners will be cut to create a “cheaper” project. We work hard to construct a lasting landscape design made of the highest quality and environmentally-conscious materials.

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Meet Our San Diego Landscape Architects & Designers

Did you know that all the landscape designers & architects at Eco Minded Solutions hold Master’s degrees in Landscape Architecture? With our industry-leading LEED certification, we are dedicated to creating sustainable landscape designs that reduce our impact on the environment.

EMS Landscape Architects & Designers at Home Show in San Diego, CA

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The Eco Minded Difference

Building Innovation Inside + Out

Whether you want to create a design for new construction or are looking to remodel your existing landscape design, we are confident that you will be impressed with our landscape architecture and design team's abilities. Eco Minded Solution's focus is to create environmentally-conscious landscape designs that complement the style of your home and property

As award-winning landscape architects in San Diego, our landscape design + build team is second to none!

Our designs transform outdoor spaces from concept to completion, utilizing artistic and innovative solutions that limit our impact on the earth’s resources. From concept to completion, trust us by knowing one of our dedicated project managers will be there to make sure your landscape design complements the style of your home and property for years.

At Eco Minded Solutions; water conservation, environmental impact, and green building practices are the main focus of our landscape design & construction projects. Our design division integrates high quality material with innovative green solutions to build a unique and extraordinary landscape to complement your beautiful home.

Start planning your next housewarming party and let our experienced landscape design + build team handle every little detail!