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Embarking on a whole house remodel in San Diego is not a project you can afford to take lightly. You must dedicate yourself to it fully if you want it to turn out successfully. A big part of ensuring the project’s success is learning more about what it entails. You must understand every aspect of the remodeling project so you can provide valuable input and better communicate what you want to see when you finish it.

Use this article as your main reference as you proceed with your whole home remodel in San Diego. Learn more about the fundamental elements of that project and create the home you have always wanted.

Whole Home Remodel: Where to Start

Home remodeling is such a massive undertaking that figuring out where to start could be the hardest part for you. Do not worry if you are having that kind of experience. You are certainly not alone on that front. To help you out, we have highlighted the steps you should follow if you want to get your remodeling project on track. These are vital steps that everyone must take. Keep them in mind as you move forward with your project.

1.) Determine What You Want to See in Your Remodeled Home

Many homeowners have a hard time getting their remodeling projects off the ground because they lack a vision. They know they want to make changes to their home but getting from point A to point B is something they struggle with. If you ask them which parts of their home they want to improve, they may have a tough time giving you a straight answer.

You do not want to present that same issue when the work begins in your home. It is okay if you cannot outline the finer points of your project yet, but you should identify your main objectives. Goals like creating a better kitchen or making the basement more comfortable will suffice to start. Once you get the project rolling, you can discuss more specific details with your general contractor.

2.) Set Your Budget

The amount of work you can do on your home will largely depend on how much you are willing to spend. Set your budget now, so you can work off that as you continue fleshing out plans for your remodeled home. We will get to the specifics of how much these projects tend to cost a bit later in this article.

3.) Be Honest When Assessing Tasks You Can Handle Solo

To cut down on remodeling costs, many homeowners will take on certain tasks themselves. You are certainly free to take that approach. However, that approach does come with considerable risk.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, more than 30% of the jobs given to professional remodeling contractors were DIY projects originally. Instead of saving money by tackling a job solo, you may end up spending more than what was necessary. Some of your money may go to waste because you did not utilize any resources you bought previously.

You need to be honest when it comes to DIY projects. Completing remodeling projects yourself is smart if you know what to do. If you are unfamiliar with certain tasks, do not shy away from leaving them up to the professionals.

4.) Look for Remodeling Contractors

Next up, you need to search for professionals who can handle the more complex remodeling jobs. You can gather suggestions from your friends and family members. The internet is also a valuable resource because you can use it to identify the highest-rated contractors in your area. Consider searching for remodeling contractors, design build contractors, or even general contractors, and review options.

Once you find prospective hires, take some time to speak to them. Tell them about your plans and budget, then ask them how they would tackle your project. If a particular contractor’s approach aligns with your goals, then you have probably found the right person to hire.

5.) Start Creating Building Plans Together with Your Contractor

Wrap up your preparations for your whole house remodel in San Diego by creating building plans together with your contractor. This is the time when you can solidify the plans you have in mind. You and your contractor can also start discussing things like material acquisition and the sequence of building. Plan out as many things as possible so you and the workers can focus more on execution when the project gets underway.

What to Consider When Planning for Your San Diego Home Remodel

whole home remodel

In the previous section, we mentioned that setting goals for your remodeling project is recommended. Now, we want to make those goals more concrete. This next section is all about solidifying your remodeling plans. Let’s talk about the specific elements you need to discuss with your contractor in this section.

  • Safety Considerations and Property Regulations: Before you start drawing up plans and getting your hopes up, you should remember that there will likely be more than a few obstacles that you will need to deal with. Those obstacles may include supply lines and building restrictions. You must consider them before you create any concrete plans.

    Do not be discouraged if you find that some of the plans you have in mind cannot be fully realized. By working with your contractor closely, you should still come up with some good alternatives. In any case, building safely and according to the rules is always preferable to the alternative.
  • Design Themes: Remodeling your home gives you a unique opportunity to completely overhaul its appearance. You do not need to do that, but now would be the ideal time to pursue it. Talk to your general contractor about design themes they can implement inside your home. If you are working with skilled contractors, they should implement any theme you have in mind.

    Your contractor should also help you put together a custom theme if that is what you are looking for. Pick specific design elements that you want to see in your remodeled home. Be as detailed as you want to be so you can bring your dream home to life.
  • Parts of Your Home You Want to Remodel: The plans you are putting together for your remodeled home should also detail which parts you want to update. Do you want to modernize your kitchen or bathroom? Now would be a great time to implement those upgrades.

    Also, remember that the parts you can remodel are not limited to the indoor segments of your property. You can also update your home’s landscaping if you want to try something different. Setting up some new hardscaping elements can work wonders for your home. Consider them carefully if you are looking to make some impactful upgrades.
  • Building Permits: You and your contractor cannot jump into the building right after you finish planning. Before you can get to that, you must first obtain the necessary permits. In San Diego County, building permits are required even for remodeling projects.

    To secure the permit, you must first submit your building plans to the county. The relevant officials will review your application and determine if your plans abide by all the necessary standards. You can entrust this task to your contractor if you are short on time.
  • Temporary Accommodations: Lastly, you will need to arrange temporary accommodations for your family. Staying in your home while work is underway is not ideal, so consider moving out temporarily so the workers can do their jobs without worrying too much about your comfort level. They will also complete the project faster if you leave your home while they remodel.

How Much Does a Whole House Remodel Cost?

Cost is obviously an important consideration for any remodeling project. So, how much will you need to pay for your whole house remodel?

According to Homeguide, the average cost of remodeling an entire house costs $15 to $60 per square foot. Your choice of materials and the amount of work will largely affect the cost of the project.

Remodeling costs will change depending on the room that needs work. Attics cost the most to remodel as you may have to pay close to $75,000 to turn them into comfortable living spaces. If you want a new kitchen, you should expect to pay around $30,000 on average. Bathroom remodels are cheaper as they come in at an average cost of $15,000.

Do you want to get work done on your home exterior? That will probably cost you close to $13,000. Reworking your landscaping will tack on another $2,300 to your final bill.

Home Renovation vs Remodel

Home improvement can be carried out in different ways. You can make changes big or small, depending on what you need. Communicating exactly what you want to your general contractor will be crucial. For example, you need to clarify if you want your home renovated or remodeled. Although we use those terms interchangeably, it is important to point out that they are not the same.

Let’s focus first on renovation. When you say that you want to renovate your home, that means you want to update its appearance but you are not planning to go any further. Renovation is often more affordable compared to remodeling. In all likelihood, you will not even need to obtain a permit if your goal is to simply renovate your home.

On the other hand, they require building permits for remodeling projects. That is because those projects typically involve changing the structure of a room or even the entire house. You can even transform the functions of certain rooms completely through remodeling. You should also pay for remodeling if a certain part of your home is in rough shape. If a room design is poor, you will likely need to remodel it to become a more functional part of your home.

San Diego Remodeling Contractors

The success of your remodeling project will depend on the people you partner with. Here at Eco Minded Solutions, we believe that we are the people best suited to handle any remodeling task. What can you expect if you hire us to handle your whole home remodel in San Diego? Allow us to detail our services in the section below.

General Contractor Services

Your general contractor will be your point man for the remodeling project. They are in charge of putting your plans into motion. If you want to change something, you should also communicate that to your local contractor. They will also lead the skilled workers involved in your project. As your general contractor, we will evaluate your property carefully and suggest changes and additions based on its characteristics. We will strive to build the most beautiful home possible while keeping sustainability and the latest design trends in mind.

Kitchen Remodeling

Work with us if you want to remodel your kitchen. We will employ a detail-oriented approach to ensure that every part of your new kitchen is expertly put together. Once again, we will prioritize sustainability as we work on your kitchen. We will present you with new fixtures that can transform your kitchen into an eco-friendly space.

Bathroom Remodeling

Building or remodeling bathrooms that are comfortable, eco-friendly, and stylish is one of our goals here at Eco Minded Solutions. We will pursue those goals by installing premium fixtures that will vastly improve your bathroom’s efficiency. We will also build according to the design preferences you have in mind.

Addition Building

Room additions make your home more comfortable and valuable. They are worthwhile investments no matter what your plans are for your property. Regardless of the type of home addition you are looking for, we will build it according to your preferences.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Building

Do you need an accessory dwelling unit added to your property? If so, you should hire us to build it. Count on us to construct an accessory dwelling unit that meets your exact specifications. We will also use our green building practices to ensure that both your main home and your ADU are eco-friendly structures.

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