Whole Home Remodel in San Diego, CA

Are you aspiring for a San Diego whole home remodel because you are no longer happy with your old property? Then, you have come to the right place. The experienced remodeling contractors at Eco Minded Solution provide an extensive array of remodeling and home renovation services.

We have been serving this industry for years, and our longevity in this cutthroat industry, coupled with our long roster of happy clients, prove our exemplary performance and strong work ethics.

There is no reason for you to endure an outdated house with old pipes, dingy walls, outmoded appliances, or old fashioned fixtures. If your home has seen better days, a whole house remodel in San Diego is what you need. Remember, your home is not only a building, but it is a haven for you and your family because it is where you build memories that last a lifetime.

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Check Out What A Happy Homeowner Had to Say

My family just finished a significant home remodel to our 1960s outdated house. We met with Josh and team to discuss our project which included a whole house remodel, addition and an accessory dwelling unit for family when they visit. The design team is detailed with gathering information to make sure the design program matched all our objectives. The construction team was great too. I am amazed with their quality of workmanship. They started early, work hard, and make sure our house is cleaned up at the end of the day. Our schedules our complicated and so they are very accommodating to meet us on weekends to review project updates with us. They did an excellent job! I would use them again and recommend them.

Take Advantage of Whole House Remodeling Services Without Any Hassles

You cannot underestimate a whole home remodel. This is a herculean project that requires the right team at your disposal. You cannot hire a flyby night company because you will end up wasting your time, money, and energy. It will result in endless frustration and stress, with future back jobs that bleed your pockets dry.

Hence, you need a full house remodeling company that shows expertise in managing long-term projects, following your specified budget and timeline. You need a team like ours because we are full service general contractors that work closely with you from the design stage up until you move back into a newly renovated property.

With our support and guidance every step of the way, you do not need to stress about any detail. We will bear it for you and work hard to ascertain your dream home becomes a reality.

We have been engaged in full home renovation services in San Diego for years, making us a premier expert in home remodeling projects. Our team has in-house designers, planning experts, engineers, architects, and more. Together, we manage every detail of your project, ascertain its completion, and assure success.

Our primary objective is to strive hard to meet all your expectations, giving you excellence and service with a smile. Remember, when you are considering a full house renovation in San Diego, it is vital to have a contractor you trust.

Expect Timeless Elegance and Sophistication for Your Remodel

Doing a complete house remodel requires extensive planning because every detail in your house has to look cohesive. You do not want the room to look mismatched and disorganized. Instead, every element must look seamless. It would be best if every room is tied together to create harmony and balance because that is more pleasing to the eyes.

You can rest assured that you will get that kind of results when you work with Eco Minded Solutions. We design your home renovation plans with great care and pay attention to the smallest details during execution. You can count on us to:

  • Curate an elegant living room
  • Create a customized kitchen
  • Turn bathrooms into a Zen-like haven
  • Build outdoor spaces that blend with the interiors
  • Design beautiful landscaping to improve the curbside appeal of your home
  • Fully finish basements or attics
  • Build a functional and stylish garage that matches the theme of the house

Our team possesses vast knowledge and experience in remodeling every part of your home. Count on us to maximize every square foot of your house, leaving no stone unturned on our mission to provide you with the most amazing space. We upgrade and breathe life into your old house, giving it an innovative and stylish design. We have been doing this for years all over San Diego, and excellence is the only standard we adhere to.

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Experience a Unique Custom Home Remodel With Fine Attention to Details

You can express your personality, tastes, and preferences via your home design. That is why when you look around you, none of the home build projects our design build firm completes look the same. Our team takes the time to understand your family’s lifestyle. We know you have your own habits and preferences, so we go the extra mile to incorporate those details into your home.

You can tell us your requests, and we will draft plans that address your needs. After all, we are remodeling the house for you and your family, so your preferences are the utmost priority. You can give us your input on the following details:

  • Layout
  • Human traffic
  • Finishing touches
  • Color palettes
  • Embellishment details
  • Materials used
  • Fixture designs

We are committed to designing and building a home that you will be proud to call your own. As much as possible, we want our clients involved in the design stages so we can finalize a remodeling plan that will surely make you happy. At the end of this process, we want to bring out the best in your property so every member of your family will love spending time at home. Home is not only a building, but it is where your heart is, so it is understandable why you want it to be the best it can be.

Custom Home Renovation Solutions that Fit Your Individuality

Our team at Eco Minded Solutions believes that your house must reflect your individuality. For this reason, you will not find cookie-cutter houses in our project portfolio. Our past works include a whole gamut of different themes and styles because we believe your home speaks volumes about the occupants.

For this reason, we welcome all your ideas. And if you feel stumped, we can provide tons of inspiration. We believe our collaboration can stimulate your creative juices into following. You play a big role in this whole home remodel project because you will be living in the final outcome for decades. So, we want every nook and cranny in your full home remodel to be comfortable and convenient for you.

We get to know our clients, understanding your wants and wishes for your new hole house design. This is why we have a roster of designers in our team to create custom design solutions from scratch for each of our home renovation projects. We find ways to blend the old and new together, to come up with an exciting and refreshing design that you will love to call home. When you work with us, you can count on the following:

  • A designer to guide you
  • Meetings for developing concepts
  • Planning sessions
  • Picking finishing touches

Always remember that we are here at your disposal to bring your whole house renovation dreams alive.

Enjoy an Award-Winning Service From Only the Best in the Industry

We live up to our name to give you something environmental, sustainable, innovative, and creative for your whole house remodel. Our goal is to mix style and sophistication with functionality and practicality. And for this, Eco Minded Solutions has earned a reputation in the industry. We have garnered awards in the following categories:

  • Renovation
  • Home construction
  • Landscaping
  • Design and build

So if you are looking for a general contractor to redesign your old home and give it new life, look no further. We are proud to be recognized by our industry peers, the news, and social media, as the best design and construction professionals. Our team strives hard to give a seamless transition from inside to outside your house.

Besides, we are committed to consistent project delivery that meets your budget and timeline expectations. More importantly, our skills and expertise ascertain exceptional quality and beautiful outcomes. We never leave anything to chance!

Benefit From Exceptional Craftsmanship For Your Renovation Project

Our team has in-house architects, designers, engineers, and more. We have extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and talented craftsmen with decades of experience in transforming old homes into beautifully designed spaces. Our team is fully vetted with a stringent background check because we understand that safety and security is a priority for you and your family.

On top of that, you can count on us to use the best materials to ascertain durability and longevity for your home remodel projects. Because of our commitment to give only the best, each of our remodeling projects has exceeded our many clients’ expectations. So, when you choose Eco Minded Solutions for your home remodel project in San Diego, you are selecting a company that will undoubtedly transform your old home into a refreshing abode that you will love for many years to come.

Look at the Big Picture to Achieve the Best Return of Investment

People go through whole home renovations for many reasons. For example, you could have bought a fixer-upper that you want to flip for a profit. You can also be planning to put your old home on the market, so renovating it allows you to command a higher price. Alternatively, you can be a frustrated homeowner that wants to improve your living conditions and overall home experience.

No matter what category you fall into, our team at Eco Minded Solutions is the best remodeling contractor for you. We have the right people for your project, and they will carefully evaluate the current condition of your home. After inspection, we will suggest areas of improvement. We also consider your expectations. Your input matters to craft a tailor-made renovation plan perfect for you and your family. We will take note of the following:

  • Lifestyle habits of your family
  • Any personal preferences and requests
  • General design and style of your current house
  • Timeless design details that bring in the most value
  • Other design styles in your area

With our process, we can design a home that meets your needs. At the same time, you will end up with a property that has value. We aim to include details that bring the highest return on your investment. This way, if you eventually decide to sell your house down the line, the property will appeal to more potential buyers. In this way, you can somewhat recoup some of your renovation expenses.

Besides, even if this is your forever home, you will not lose out because everything is designed to perfection using the highest quality materials in the market. Hence, you can live in comfort and style for many years to come. Either way, it is a winning situation for you, provided that you work with the right team.

Otherwise, instead of enjoying complete home remodel benefits, the process will feel more like a punishment with an unreliable contractor. So, choose wisely before signing your work agreement.

Whole Home Remodel FAQs

How Do You Renovate a Whole House?

Start your preparations by determining your budget. Once you have nailed down your budget, you can understand how far you can go with your intended renovations. After that, you can start working with a contractor to draw up plans for your remodeled home. Your contractor can also help you gather the materials you need. From there, you can proceed with your plans as you draw them up.

In What Order Should You Remodel Your Home?

Assuming the plans are ready, your project can start with the demolition phase. Work on demolishing everything you intend to renovate. Getting rid of the debris produced during demolition will also be important. The next phase will involve building new walls and adding supply lines simultaneously. Tackling both tasks will be important if you want to get your layout right.

After setting up the skeleton of your remodeled home, you can now add new fixtures like doors, windows, and cabinets. This is also the time to start painting those fixtures. To finish, you can install your new flooring and new appliances.

How Much Will It Cost to Fully Renovate a House?

The cost of a full home renovation will depend on what kind of upgrade you are looking for. If you want a new kitchen and/or bathroom plus some updated fixtures, you will likely spend close to $60,000. A comprehensive remodel that involves upgrading about every aspect of your home will cost around $140,000.

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a House?

The length of the remodeling project will depend on the work you want to get done. Renovations that focus more on repairs and cosmetic upgrades will take about three months. Remodeling a small home may require about eight months of work. If you want to remodel a large house, the entire project can last well over a year.

How Do You Calculate Remodeling Costs?

The best way to calculate remodeling costs is by consulting with a contractor. They know how long projects will take and how much materials will cost. If you are only looking for rough estimates, for now, going online and using remodeling calculators will suffice.

Experienced San Diego Remodeling Company

Perhaps, you are delaying your whole home remodel project because you think it would be stressful. You may worry about your belongings and fret about inspecting the project every day instead of spending your free time bonding with your kids or working on your hobbies.

If you want to finally get a head start on your remodel project, the key to success is finding the right contractor to work with. With Eco Minded Solutions, your house remodel is completely hassle-free because our expertise equates to efficiency. You can count on us to be there from design conception to completion.

Our meticulous team will monitor everything, like the budget, building materials, remodel timetable, and techniques. We will make sure everything is complete without any stress on your part. You can expect great results with details at the highest possible standards. Our team of remodeling experts is highly qualified and trained. Together, we have worked on hundreds of renovations in La Jolla, Carlsbad, Point Loma, and more.

Even if your remodel includes adding extra space, building another story, or changing the layout, our team will handle it with precision. Our service is ready to spruce up your home in San Diego. As long as you have something to renovate, we will take care of it. So, give us a call or fill out our contact form for a free consultation.

Some of the locations in and around San Diego we serve include: Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Ocean Beach, Rancho Peñasquitos, Torrey Pines, University Heights, Scripps Ranch, Point Loma, and more.

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