Landscape Maintenance in San Diego, California

After investing time and money into your San Diego landscape, you want to keep it beautiful for as long as possible. To keep your landscape looking its absolute best, you need regular maintenance done to ensure all plants remain in good health and continue to thrive on your property.

Eco Minded Solutions provides the maintenance you need for a lush landscape. From general pruning to irrigation inspections, we will do whatever it takes to keep your plants in top condition.

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Our San Diego Landscape Maintenance Services

What Does a Lawn Care Service Do?

As experts in the unique San Diego climate, we know what it takes to keep your flowers and trees happy. Once we build you an eco-friendly, low-water landscape, we will maintain it by implementing the following services:

  • General Lawn Maintenance Regular mowing, pruning, weeding, trimming, and clean-up is all it takes to keep your lawn and landscape looking fresh. We can help you determine which services your yard or garden needs and whether monthly, quarterly, or annual visits will best suit you.
  • Irrigation & Water Maintenance With San Diego’s water restrictions, it is vital to keep up regular inspections of your irrigation systems to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible. We perform checks on the sprinkler system, sensors, and heads to verify that everything is functioning as it should.
  • Plant Inspections – In order to keep your plants healthy, one of our plant experts will examine all the trees, plants, and flowers around your property to check for any possible diseases or invasive plants. If any issues are found, they will treat or remove the plants as necessary.
  • AerationAerating your lawn while the weather is cooler and moister creates pockets for water and seeds to establish themselves and grow a stronger turf.
  • Pest ControlNo matter how well you care for your landscape, pests are hard to avoid. Our landscapers can keep a careful eye out for insect or pest damage so that it is caught and handled before the problem escalates.
  • Landscape Improvements – Sometimes, all your landscape needs is a little refresher to look its very best. Our team can change up your plantings to keep it fresh and even rearrange parts of your landscape to update the look and feel of your outdoor space.

This list includes our most common landscape maintenance, but our maintenance plans are by no means limited to these services alone. Contact us online to learn more about our available landscaping maintenance services in the San Diego area.

Our Landscape Maintenance Program

Our full-service landscapers can provide lawn care and maintenance services as often as you need them. Call us for one-time residential yard service, occasional lawn care, or routine garden maintenance on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Lower the cost of lawn service with the landscape maintenance program from Eco Minded Solutions. We’ll provide the yard maintenance you need, when you need it, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

How to Improve Your San Diego Landscape’s Grass

Many San Diego homeowners struggle with how to improve their grass. With six to 10 months of dry weather per year, increasingly frequent droughts, and rising water costs, it’s common for Southern California lawns to turn brown in the summertime. Do you tolerate parched, dead grass, or do you pay inflated prices to water your lawn?

Fortunately, there are alternatives to these two scenarios:

  • Install underground irrigation, which is more efficient than overhead watering.
  • Swap out your high water-use grass for a native, drought-tolerant species.
  • Replace your lawn with artificial turf.
  • Replace your lawn with water-wise xeriscaping, keeping no more than 600 square feet of grass for pets and kids to play on.

Eco Minded Solutions can implement whichever solution you choose to improve your grass. Then, we can provide ongoing landscape maintenance to keep your yard looking great year after year.

Schedule Landscape Maintenance in San Diego

The team at Eco Minded Solutions is dedicated to maintaining our clients’ properties with quality lawn landscaping services. Thanks to our custom landscape maintenance programs, you can be confident your outdoor living space will continue to thrive without the need to perform tedious garden maintenance yourself.

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We provide landscape maintenance services throughout the area, including Cardiff, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, Poway, Rancho Santa Fe, and Solana Beach.

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